Art & Design

These art and design degrees are great ways to pursue your artistic passion at the same time that you walk down your career path. If you have an interest in graphic, environmental, or industrial design, music, film, or fine arts, check out the possibilities below.


There are so many aspects to learn about business, as well as contexts in which you can study the discipline. Check out our bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral-level degree rankings below.


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Business Administration


Human Resources & Leadership


Public Administration & Emergency Management

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Computers & Technology

There has never been a better time to launch your career in computers and technology. Below you’ll find degree programs offered in both on-campus and online formats, from IT to computer science.

Considering a career in criminal justice or the legal field? These rankings will direct you to which schools have just the right program to develop the skills you will need to thrive in your work.


Helping others progress in their knowledge and skills, from the very young to adult learners, is one of the most rewarding fields you could enter. Consider the traditional and accelerated programs we rank below.

Liberal Arts & Humanities

Liberal Arts & Humanities is a category that traditionally encompasses a broad range of degree areas. With a degree in English, history, theology, or communication, you’ll be encouraged to make broad inquiries into fundamental issues of human experience.

Nursing & Healthcare

Do you have a strong desire to research causes of disease or to care for people’s health in various ways? Or would you like to manage people and systems that do so? Check out the multiple degree ranking areas below.

Psychology & Counseling

A degree in psychology is a great start either towards a counseling practice or as a foundation for another subject in grad school.

Math, Science, Engineering

Are you highly analytical and good with numbers? One of the rankings below could link you to a successful career in a science, engineering, or math field.

Social Sciences

If you are especially fascinated with how human beings work together to create cultures and thrive individually over time, a social science degree could be a great fit to move you forward in a rewarding career.

Trades & Careers

Maybe a traditional academic degree area just doesn’t fit you, but you’d still like to pursue to professional qualifications for your career. Consider traditional trades like the culinary arts and agriculture.

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