15 Best Value Online Finance Degree Programs 2024

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Key Takeaways:

  • Our #1 ranking school for online finance bachelor’s degrees is East Carolina University, followed by Florida International University.
  • Online finance programs integrate business, accounting, and economics, preparing students for versatile careers.
  • These programs are affordable and offer various professional development opportunities, including internships and networking.

In this ranking, we examine the best value colleges for a bachelor of finance online.

Finance is a particularly interesting major for college students in that it is both highly specialized and widely applicable to many career fields. Distinct from programs in business, accounting, and economics, finance degrees incorporate elements of all those topics while also carving a unique space as the study of how money affects business. As a future finance major you likely are sensitive to how much college costs as you want a good return on investment. The average cost of online college is about half that of traditional college, which is a great start. Almost all online colleges will accept fafsa as well.

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Forget crunching numbers on a calculator or pouring over boring data sets. Instead, online finance degrees incorporate exciting coursework in everything from stocks and bonds to real estate to international economic policy. And of all the options you could choose, the following online colleges are some of the best and most affordable. All of these online colleges should accept fafsa as well. Many even include opportunities for internships and professional networking!

Ranking the Best Value Bachelor of Finance Online Degree Programs

Colorado Technical University15. Colorado Technical University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Finance

Colorado Technical University’s distinguished BSBA deserves to be recognized as a top online bachelor’s degree in finance; it holds an accreditation from the ACBSP and ranks 3rd on U.S. News’ list of “Best Online Programs.” Coursework covers all the basics required for a career at the intersection of business and finance, such as accounting, banking, insurance and risk management, and financial planning. CTU also boasts an impressive track record when it comes to student success, both during school and after graduation. In fact, alumni report an average 25% boost in their salaries within just three years of earning their online finance degree!
Net Price: $15,300/yr
Score: 54.74

Pennsylvania State University World Campus14. Pennsylvania State University World Campus/Erie-Behrend College

Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance

The accredited online finance bachelor’s degree at Penn State offered through a partnership between the Erie-Behrend satellite campus and the distance ed. “world campus” platform, is another great choice for students interested in the economics of a business. With an AACSB-approved curriculum and a top online ranking from U.S. News, this B.S. in Finance is the real deal.

Learn about how to manage investment portfolios, construct financial models, explain economic relationships, and much more. In addition, you’ll dedicate 15 credit hours to the study of “non-business supporting course areas,” which you and your advisor can work together to identify based on your long-term career goals.
Net Price: $21,622/yr
Score: 61.05

Metropolitan State University13. Metropolitan State University

Online Finance (BS)

This challenging B.S. in Finance from Metropolitan State University will demand your full concentration, but the time you invest now will pay off later – and finance majors certainly understand the meaning of a good investment! Advanced topics in portfolio analysis and international finance stand alongside core courses in strategic management and marketing, both of which push students to tackle difficult tasks like quantifying measures of risk and return, making cash flow projections, and assessing capital.

At the same time, students of this affordable finance degree online will have the chance to network with local professionals and even meet MSU alumni. In the end, graduates of this online bachelor’s degree in finance are well prepared to apply to MBA programs or dive straight into the job market.
Net Price: $13,654/yr
Score: 61.32

Davenport University12. Davenport University

Online Bachelor of Business Administration: Finance BBA

Davenport University’s BBA in Finance affords the analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills you need to be a versatile and dynamic member of the financial industry. The curriculum – which includes courses in Federal Taxation, Portfolio Management, and Investment Planning – covers topics that are applicable to an array of career fields while also emphasizing how individual trends, conditions, and relationships are useful for specific jobs within business.

Davenport will also let you choose from a few different experiential opportunities to round out your major; opt for an accounting or finance internship, complete a general field experience in business, or consider completing a two-part Capstone Project. With these kinds of choices, it’s clear that Davenport’s program offers one of the best bachelor of finance online degrees in the country.
Net Price: $15,841/yr
Score: 61.58

Northwood University11. Northwood University Michigan

Online Finance Degree

Northwood’s practical approach to business education makes it easy to see why a degree in finance would be a smart choice for almost anyone. If you’ve ever heard that “money makes the world go round,” consider the reality that financial professionals are the ones who make the money go round! This affordable degree in finance online is poised to help you secure a career with a solid income and bright future, and Northwood’s relevant coursework in business and economics is just one aspect of this plan.

Beyond time spent in virtual “classrooms,” you can also interact with highly qualified faculty, visit Regional Education Centers to network with classmates, and even join professional organizations like the Business Professionals of America.
Net Price: $19,870/yr
Score: 62.11

10. SUNY College of Technology at Canton

Online Finance (BBA)

At the SUNY College of Technology at Canton, students from all over the globe are welcome to enroll in its many online courses, such as those within the BBA in Finance degree. Along with students as far away as Moscow, you can study stocks and bonds, mortgage and loan amortization, and portfolio diversification through convenient online classes.

Even more convenient, Canton offers year-round classes and opportunities for independent study, so you can easily complete your degree ahead of schedule (if that’s what you want). Regardless of whether you want to rush through the degree or take the scenic route, you’ll enjoy hands-on projects and case studies, internship opportunities, and fun extracurricular activities like the Investment Club along the way.
Net Price: $11,884/yr
Score: 65.00

9. University of Michigan at Flint

Online BBA in Business: Finance

The School of Management at the University of Michigan is one of the most academically reputable institutions in the country – and an important feature of this online finance bachelor’s degree ranking. That’s right – students can earn a prestigious business education from U of M from anywhere in the country by enrolling in distance ed. classes via the satellite campus in Flint.

The online classes offer all the same benefits as the school’s traditional coursework, including access to internships, student organizations, and even study abroad trips! Online finance students receive all study materials and curriculum resources (which are AACSB accredited, by the way) through a state-of-the-art Blackboard system.
Net Price: $11,657/yr
Score: 66.32

Columbia College8. Columbia College

Online Retailing and Consumer Science (B.S.)

Another degree completion option for students who need to finish up those last few college credits, Columbia offers online access to all of their top finance courses. Major requirements cover the typical subjects, like investments, financial planning, and financial markets, but also let you choose from a ton of unique electives.

You can even take a class in Sports Finance or earn up to three credits for a business internship. This affordable online finance bachelor’s degree also offers plenty of extra resources for distance ed. students; you can access the virtual bookstore, get help from the online office staff, and communicate with your assigned Academic Advisor via “CougarMail.”
Net Price: $11,031/yr
Score: 68.95

Dickinson State University7. Dickinson State University

Online Bachelor of Science Degree: Finance

It’s not easy to be a financial management professional. Contrary to what some people think, it isn’t enough in this industry just to have knowledge of economics and accounting. You’ll also need good people skills and strong business acumen, but Dickinson State University is here to help!

The 128-credit program covers everything students need to know, with a curriculum that consists of an even mix of “Gen. Ed.” credits, required finance classes, focused major courses, and electives of your own choosing. DSU even mandates that all students complete a one-credit “Strategies for Success” class that will reinforce basic – but essential – professional skills that will last you a lifetime.
Net Price: $10,074/yr
Score: 70.13

Old Dominion University6. Old Dominion University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Finance

The online learning experience at Old Dominion University makes distance education effective and convenient, thanks to classes that mimic both the rigor and interactivity of traditional courses. The curriculum for this bachelor of finance online degree consists of 120 credits, but you only need to complete at least 30 through ODU in order to earn your diploma.

Upper-division finance coursework includes International Financial Management, Real Estate, and Investments, and you’ll need to maintain at least a 2.00 GPA in all of these majors-specific topics. By the time you reach graduation, you’ll have plenty of experience to earn a position in banking or accounting – or even start your own company!
Net Price: $14,512/yr
Score: 70.66

University of Massachusetts Amherst5. University of Massachusetts Amherst

Online Finance, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

As a degree completion program, the online finance degree from UMass Amherst is ideal for students who have already finished at least half of their college credits (potentially by earning an associate’s degree). For those who don’t have the flexibility in their schedule to make it to campus, this AACSB-accredited finance degree online proves a nice alternative. In fact, it was named one of the best degree completion programs of its kind in the country, according to “The Best Schools.”

In addition to the finance concentration, the Bachelor of Business Administration also provides emphasis options in Accounting, Marketing, Management, Operations and Information Management, and Hospitality and Tourism.
Net Price: $18,840/yr
Score: 71.18

Missouri State University4. Missouri State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Finance

Missouri State University keeps it simple: its inexpensive online finance bachelor’s degree “teaches you to be a manager of money” above all else. Whether you want to work in banking, corporate finance, or personal financial planning, MSU can give you the basic skills you need to start your career.

The transfer program is ideal for students who earned an associates degree through Ozark Technical Community College, but is also open to applicants who have sufficient credits from other institutions. In fact, you don’t even have to live in Missouri to participate! Programs within the “Missouri State Online” system are approved in more than 40 other states.
Net Price: $14,192/yr
Score: 73.29

University of Alabama - Best Online Business Degrees3. University of Alabama at Birmingham

Online Accounting and Finance Degrees

The UAB Collat School of Business has a reputation for its high-quality degree programs in business, accounting, and finance, but you don’t have to live in Alabama to benefit from the school’s exceptional academics. With completely online programs in a range of subjects, the University of Alabama at Birmingham offers you the flexibility to study whenever and wherever you want.

The AACSB-accredited online finance degree puts equal emphasis on technical and social skills, ensuring that you learn how to analyze numbers and communicate the data effectively to others. While the degree may be entirely online, it also includes special features like a 24/7 help desk and social networking activities that give it the interactive feel of a traditional classroom.
Net Price: $13,982/yr
Score: 77.11

Florida International University2. Florida International University

Online Finance (BBA)

For a fully online program that will prepare you for careers in banking, investment, or corporate finance, take a look at Florida International University. The BBA with an emphasis on Finance offers three start dates per year (Fall, Spring, and Summer) and consists of 120 credits in total. Approximately half of these credits are focused on relevant business and financial courses, such as Financial Management and Securities Analysis.

What’s more, FIU pairs all distance ed. students in this accredited online finance bachelor degree program with personal success coaches who can help keep them on schedule and point them to valuable online resources.
Net Price: $11,552/yr
Score: 79.47

East Carolina University 1. East Carolina University

Online Finance BSBA

Why does the Finance BSBA at East Carolina University earn the #1 spot for its online bachelor’s degree in finance? ECU is a great school overall, with a high graduation rate and affordable tuition, but its business programs – specifically the finance track – deserve special praise. With three relevant concentration options (including Financial Services, Managerial Finance, and Risk Management and Assurance) and a solid business core, the curriculum is well-equipped to prepare students for just about any career they could imagine.

Students are also required to fulfill a “Leadership and Professional Development” segment. Classes like Strategy First and Experiential Leadership Teams in Action will help you acquire both the teamwork and management skills you’ll need to stand out from the competition.
Net Price: $12,908/yr
Score: 80.92

This concludes our ranking of the best value colleges for a bachelor of finance online.

See our methodology page for more information about how we calculated this ranking.

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