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College Values Online offers practical guidance rooted in careful research and informed by over 20 years of experience in college selection. We rank schools and programs, highlight features of the college experience, and provide career information from the angle of value in order to propel you towards the completion of a degree that is truly worth the investment. Our researchers interact with multiple data sources like College Navigator, Forbes, Kiplinger, US News & World Report, and Princeton Review, saving you valuable time now, and money later.

College Values Online Research Editors

Image of Melissa Anderson, editor at College Values Online
Melissa Anderson

Melissa holds a Master’s degree in Education and is a former high school English teacher.

After leaving her classroom of college hopefuls, she looked for a way to help others navigate the many opportunities available through higher education. 

For the last 13 years, she has worked as a professional copywriter and researcher, focusing on online instruction as well as other trends in higher learning. On a typical day, you’ll find her either in the woods on her beloved mountain bike or behind her laptop, nursing a cup of coffee and professing the value of virtual education.

Image of Maxim, editor at College Values Online
Maxim Sorokopud

Maxim – Since 2012, Maxim has been writing high-quality, thoroughly-researched articles on a wide range of subjects.

He is a graduate of the world-renowned Bournemouth University Media School in the United Kingdom.

His clients have included Shareably Media, Nameless Network, and Yellow Lion Media. He has been writing higher education-focused articles since 2018. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife, Willa.

Image of Brenda Rufener, editor at College Values Online
Brenda Rufener

Brenda – Brenda Rufener is a technical writer, education researcher, and author of two acclaimed novels published with Harper Collins.

Her writing has been translated into multiple languages and discussed in BBC NewsBustleUSA Today, and more.

When not writing, Brenda enjoys hiking the woods of North Carolina and spending time with her family.

Image of Steve Sensenig, editor at College Values Online
Steve Sensenig

Steve – Steve Sensenig has been involved with education for 20 years and website development and SEO management for 25 years. Both of these passions combined when Steve founded and developed My Homeschool Transcripts, an online resource to assist home educators in creating official transcripts for their students applying to college programs. This platform has serviced thousands of home educators since its launch in 2011. Steve has educated his own children, taught courses and private students online, and served as an Adjunct Professor at the University level.

Steve is also a professional musician, composer, and orchestrator. He lives with his teenage daughter and their cat in eastern Tennessee.

Image of Julie McCaulley, editor at College Values Online
Julie McCaulley

Julie – Born in Connecticut and having recently returned to the Nutmeg State, Julie holds a BA in English and History.

She spent 15 years as a journalist and photographer before joining CVO as an editor and website manager.

Julie lives with a couple of geriatric cats and one very opinionated parrot. She spends her free time cooking, working with animal rescue and rehabilitation, cycling, and writing the occasional poem or two.

You Want Long-term Value
We profile schools and programs in such a way that will encourage you to consider the long-term implications of your school choice, both financial and career. Reading headlines such as College Tuition in the U.S. Again Rises Faster Than Inflation (Bloomberg) and How the $1.2 Trillion Debt Crisis Is Crippling Students, Parents, And The Economy (Forbes), you have realized how important it is to calculate not only tuition costs, financial aid, and return on investment, but also the enduring quality of the education a particular program offers by virtue of its faculty, curriculum, and internship experiences.

You Want Short-term Value, Too
But you have short-term goals as well, and College Values Online can help you materialize those, too. If you are a traditional college student, these objectives may include a terrific social experience, a pleasant campus, interesting natural or cultural surroundings, and numerous intangible factors that contribute to the growth of your personality and character. If you are a non-traditional student, these shorter-term goals might include balancing work, family, and education. That’s why College Values Online offers feature articles on the college experience, as well as a reference section to help you start and develop your career.