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Art, Design, and Performing Arts Degree Rankings

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  • Environmental Design (Bachelor’s) – This degree is often pursued as a pre-professional degree for individuals who intend to pursue a master’s degree in architecture and become a licensed architect.
  • Film Studies (Bachelor’s) – Pursuing a career in film is an exciting endeavor with many potential roles. Be it cinematography, production, editing, or a multitude of other specialties, there are more and more ways to be part of the action.
  • Industrial Design (Bachelor’s) – Industrial design is a massive profession. Every product we use on a daily basis was designed at some point before it was produced. Design often focuses less on the engineering of a product, and more on its final form. Ergonomics, user friendliness, kinesiology, durability, and visual appeal are among the many attributes that must be considered throughout the design process. Designers don’t work in a vacuum. They are often part of a design team made up of engineers, business persons, and marketing specialists.
  • Music (Bachelor’s) Online – There aren’t a ton of music degrees available online, and it’s not hard to understand why. Traditional music programs typically focus on musical performance and instrumentation, so it is much easier for students to learn when they can sing, play, and practice their lessons while they are sitting in the room with the instructor. That’s not to say that options aren’t available online, though!
  • Associate’s Graphic Design Online – Graphic designers need to be proficient with industry standard software, have creative design skills, self-management skills, and exceptional social skills. These programs offer online associate’s in graphic design that will fit with your busy schedule.
  • Best Music Schools – Students with raw talent and a passion for music often have career aspirations of becoming professional performers, whether playing in a symphony or orchestra or composing songs for famous musicians. Depending on your needs as a musician and artist, different music schools offer different programs. There is no one size fits all when it comes to choosing the right conservatory. The schools in this ranking were selected on a variety of reasons, including strength of faculty, educational excellence, reputation with major publications, and affordability.
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