Health Science Online Degrees: Top 10 Values 2024

In this ranking, we examine the best value colleges for online healthcare degrees.

Healthcare is without a doubt one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States right now. Doctors, nurses, health administrators, you name it — all of these positions are in high demand around the country. This also means that degrees in healthcare are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, not everyone has the time or financial freedom to quit their day job and go back to school just to take advantage of the current job market. Fortunately, online healthcare degrees are available to working adults and otherwise busy students who are ready to make a serious commitment to their futures. The other convenient aspect of earning a degree in healthcare or health sciences is that the education is broad enough to suit a variety of careers. Allied health, health administration, health policy, and public health positions are all within the realm of possibility for graduates of an online health degree program. And this ranking of the top 10 degrees in the field should give you a solid starting point as you search for the right college to fit your needs.

10. MCPHS University

Online Health Sciences (BS Degree Completion Option)

The Online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at MCPHS is one of the more flexible online healthcare degrees, as students are able to collaborate with program advisors to build either full- or part-time class schedules that can accommodate a full-time job. Although designed primarily for students who need to complete their bachelor’s degree or earn a second baccalaureate diploma, the program is also suitable for professionals hoping to move into fields like medical product sales and patient education. Students who do want to pursue an advanced degree will be well-prepared for various programs at MCPHS, including dental hygiene, nursing, medical imaging, and therapeutics.
Net Price: $32,275/yr
Score: 49.49

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9. Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Allied Health

As with many online healthcare degrees, the Bachelor of Applied Science in Allied Health at Northwestern State is designed for budding healthcare professionals looking to obtain a bachelor’s degree. This fully online program makes our ranking of online healthcare degrees because of its low price and high flexibility. During the summer, courses are available in three-, five-, and six-week sessions, in addition to the standard eight-week fall and spring schedules. Students can also transfer general education credits and up to 30 hours of clinical coursework toward their degree. And as a bonus, online-only students do not pay any out-of-state fees.
Net Price: $9,488/yr
Score: 56.56

8. University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

Online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Science – Allied Health Completion Program

UC at Colorado Spring’s online healthcare degree targets allied health professionals who already possess a certificate diploma or associate’s degree and want to advance their careers by obtaining an accredited healthcare degree online. UC’s program allows students to apply up to 40 health-related credits toward their degree – 10 more than many similar healthcare programs – and includes courses in both science and liberal arts. Prospective students interested in taking on leadership or management roles in the healthcare industry will appreciate the broad focus of UC’s coursework. And with both full-time and part-time options, it should be easy to incorporate into any schedule.
Net Price: $13,722/yr
Score: 56.81

7. Northern Kentucky University

Online B.S. in Health Science

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to advance your degree or a potential freshman with hopes of starting a job in the healthcare field after graduation, North Kentucky University’s online health degree has an option designed for you. The school offers two options within its bachelor’s program – a clinical track for healthcare professionals who already have an associate’s degree and professional experience, or a non-clinical track for those without experience in a healthcare field. Students interested in a more traditional college experience also have the option to pursue a full four-year degree path with a mandatory minor.
Net Price: $8,298/yr
Score: 58.33

6. Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Online Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Leadership

If your interest in online healthcare degrees comes from a desire to work in healthcare management, Clarion University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Leadership should be high on your list. CU’s program includes a significant amount of business coursework, including classes in macro- and microeconomics, statistics, accounting, and even management theory, although the 60-credit degree does include some mandatory liberal arts classes. Students interested in continuing their business classes will appreciate that this online health degree also sets them up for an MBA at Clarion.
Net Price: $15,311/yr
Score: 60.10

5. University of Missouri at Columbia

Online Health Sciences Bachelor’s Degree Completion

The University of Missouri at Columbia’s non-clinical program is well-suited for students hoping to enter with existing college credits and graduate with an online health degree that will help them either work in a health-related field or pursue graduate studies. The school offers both a traditional class format (in 16- and 8-week semesters) and a unique self-paced “independent study” format that online learners can complete in just six months. Students can take a wide range of interesting electives including Landscape of Obesity, Human Sexuality Across the Lifespan, and Deaf Culture: A Social Work Perspective.
Net Price: $16,872/yr
Score: 62.62

4. University of South Dakota

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

The University of South Dakota’s Online Bachelor of Science in Health Science likely provides the most variety of any program in this online health degree ranking. USD’s program offers six tracks for students, all of which provide 100% online study. For professionals with experience in the healthcare industry, the Health Care Advancement Studies track provides a great foundation for those moving into management positions. For those without any professional experience, the school offers two tracks based on whether students want to work in a clinical or industry setting.
Net Price: $15,530/yr
Score: 63.38

3. Florida Gulf Coast University

Online Health Science (B.S.) Degree

The affordable online healthcare degree at Florida Gulf Coast University offers two concentrations – Health Science and Health Services Administration. The former requires an Associate’s degree in a health profession (or at least eligibility for licensure) so that students can complete the practicum component of the concentration. The latter track focuses on healthcare management and includes courses in hot topics like Managed Care, Risk Management and Healthcare Policy in the United States. It is also worth noting that while all of the upper division courses in FGCU’s Online Health Science degree are available online, some lower level courses are not.
Net Price: $12,948/yr
Score: 66.41

2. Texas Woman’s University

Online Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Professions)

The Online Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Professions) at Texas Woman’s University is the least expensive of any of the cheap online healthcare programs on this list – but it does require that applicants already have an associate’s degree in an applied health field. Fortunately, the list of acceptable fields is broad: sonographers, EMTs, and radiologists (among many more) are all eligible to pursue a healthcare degree online at TWU. Consider this thrifty program proof that online healthcare degrees can be both inexpensive and high-quality.
Net Price: $8,596/yr
Score: 67.17

1. The University of West Florida

Online Health Sciences, B.S.

One of the best online healthcare degrees in the country, the University of West Florida’s Bachelor of Science in Online Health Services is a two-year capstone degree program for students who already hold associate’s degrees. The program offers four concentration areas, all of which are available entirely online: Allied Health, Health Care Administration, Health Care Professional, and Public Health. All students, no matter their track, take courses in business, law, and healthcare computing. There is also a wide range of electives that fall into four separate clusters: Public Health, Administration, Pre-Clinical and Informatics. Although tuition rates are normally higher for out-of-state students, UWF has a waiver program that can reduce costs by up to 80% – sometimes even more!
Net Price: $10,759/yr
Score: 74.24

This concludes our ranking of the top 10 values in online healthcare degrees.

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