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Key Takeaways:

  • Our #1 ranking school for the best value online bachelor’s degree in mathematics is The University of Illinois at Springfield, followed by the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.
  • Online mathematics programs provide flexible learning environments with coursework in applied and theoretical math, enhancing job market readiness.
  • Advances in educational technology have significantly improved the quality and accessibility of online math education, enabling interactive and comprehensive learning experiences.

In this ranking, we examine the best value colleges for an online mathematics degree.

To many people, mathematics is like a frustrating and complicated foreign language. But to others, it’s like poetry with numbers. If you are fascinated by equations and passionate about their applications, you might be destined for a math degree. Online degrees in mathematics are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not just because the skills they impart are so valuable in the job market.

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Once upon a time, it was difficult to teach a subject like math over the internet. Without live lectures and personal help from professors, many students may have struggled to grasp more difficult concepts. Fortunately, modern technology has enabled everything from recorded whiteboard sessions to computer software that can create interactive graphs. With the advent of such innovations, there’s no better time to earn your mathematics degree online. And with the high quality and low prices of these eight online colleges, there really are no excuses!

Ranking the Top Mathematics Degree Online Programs

8. Ottawa University-Ottawa

Online Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Mathematics is a complicated subject, and it can feel pretty daunting to have to take all of your courses online, with limited access to your professors. Fortunately, Ottawa University has developed an online mathematics degree program that sports a clear curriculum, a supportive environment, and a communicative faculty. You’ll get a heavy dose of coursework in both applied and theoretical coursework, including Differential Equations, Abstract Algebra, and Numerical Methods. The curriculum also incorporates an integrative seminar, which requires students to bring together their knowledge from various subjects into one final project. And with an attractive transfer credit policy and an optional concentration in Actuarial Mathematics, this program checks all the “must-haves” for any math major.
Net Price: $18,603/yr
Score: 24.35

7. Mercy College

Online B.S. in Mathematics

Mercy College definitely understands the value of a math education. For “a degree valued by every industry and job sector around the world,” take a look at this school’s mathematics degree online. Designed for the modern world, this program emphasizes computer programming (specifically JAVA) to inform real-world applications of mathematical models. Students also have access to programs like Maple and Derive, which are incredibly useful for upper-level courses. Mercy’s program is also perfect for educators and even offers a five-year accelerated B.S./M.S. Teacher Education option. And although you can easily complete this program online, you might be tempted to visit campus anyway. State-of-the-art computer labs and a fully-stocked Math/CIS lounge provide a fun (and helpful) meeting spot for students.
Net Price: $18,619/yr
Score: 28.71

6. Southern New Hampshire University

Online BA in Mathematics

The only thing you’ll need to take on SNHU’s B.A. in Mathematics is a genuine interest in the subject. Deepen and enhance your passion for numbers and equations through classes like “The Heart of Mathematics” and “Mathematical Proof and Problem Solving.” Southern New Hampshire University has even adapted the required general education classes to cater to math lovers. Students can take a philosophy course in “Formal Logic” and earn those dreaded humanities credits by taking “Technical Writing.” It may be one of the less affordable online mathematics degrees, but this program makes a strong case for being worth the money. Specialized advisors, self-paced instruction, and an active alumni network are just a few of the perks that come with choosing SNHU.
Net Price: $29,144/yr
Score: 37.94

5. Chadron State College

Online Bachelor of Science with a Subject Major in Mathematics

At first glance, it may seem like this inexpensive online mathematics degree is practically a duplicate of other programs. And to be fair, many of the classes – including Calculus I-III, Linear Algebra, and Statistics – are pretty typical. But then again, these are the essential building blocks of a top-notch math program! And at Chadron State College, you’ll also have plenty of time to explore other topics through unique electives like “Theory of Numbers.” CSC students are also required to choose a minor – Applied Statistics is one option – and can earn an optional concentration in Elementary Education. The curriculum also allows students to earn credit through internships, independent study, and research projects, giving online learners plenty of flexibility to personalize their degree.
Net Price: $11,344/yr
Score: 51.53

4. Mayville State University

Online B.S. in Mathematics

Mayville State University knows exactly what online learners need for a positive academic experience. Self-described as “transfer-friendly,” “hands-on,” and “technology-enriched,” this accredited mathematics degree online works hard to bring a traditional experience to the virtual classroom. Students work together in small cohorts and intimate classes (many have just 15 people enrolled) to tackle real-world problems while exploring creative solutions. This program also takes on an interdisciplinary feel, thanks to a few strategically-designed minors that pair well with mathematical topics. You can select a minor in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, General Science, or Accounting based on your ultimate career goals.
Net Price: $11,735/yr
Score: 52.56

3. Indiana University-East

Online B.S. in Mathematics Program

This online mathematics degree may originate from Indiana, but students can attend their classes from anywhere in the world. A particularly ideal option for transfer students, the program allows applicants (who have already taken at least 60 credits) to enroll at IU East and easily earn their degree entirely online – and in less than two years! Along with award-winning faculty and individualized course plans, this program is a clear front runner for the title of “best mathematics degree online.” Indiana University also stands out for its assortment of electives, which you can exploit to increase your value in the job market. Courses like Financial Decision Making, Mathematical Foundations of Informatics, and Statistical Techniques will help open the door to a lucrative career in many industries.
Net Price: $7,975/yr
Score: 53.84

2. University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics

Mathematics may be one of the oldest areas of study, but it has plenty of modern applications. The University of Massachusetts has capitalized on this fact by crafting an online mathematics degree that is incredibly far-reaching. You’ll study physics, applied statistics, logic, proofs, calculus, computer science, economics and quantitative analysis – to name just a few! Uniquely, UMass Lowell is also the only school on this mathematics degree online ranking to offer both B.S. and B.A. tracks. And to make sure that students are truly prepared for a career of problem-solving and critical thinking, the program incorporates a distinct Analysis Requirement. Choose from electives like Complex Variables, Intro to Applied Mathematics, and Mathematical Modeling to give your list of marketable skills a noticeable edge.
Net Price: $15,965/yr
Score: 62.30

1. University of Illinois at Springfield

Online Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Sciences

With a strong reputation and an affordable net price, the University of Illinois Springfield makes a great first impression on future math majors. Students who choose to take this accredited mathematics degree online enjoy a veritable wealth of course options. Classes like Business Calculus, Applied Statistics, and Real Analysis will satisfy those with a practical perspective, while coursework in Abstract Algebra, Intro to Topology, and History of Math will indulge the theoretical thinkers. Plus, the Engaged Citizenship Requirement – a feature unique to UIS – will give you the opportunity to add meaning to your musings. Take a course in Global Awareness or U.S. Communities and attend the impactful Speaker Series to reflect on world affairs and consider your place within them.
Net Price: $9,049/yr
Score: 77.43

This concludes our ranking of the top 10 values in online mathematics degree programs.

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