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Statistics Degree Online: 5 Best Values

In this ranking, we examine the five best value colleges for an online statistics degree.

When it comes to the best online statistics degree programs, the majority of options are available for graduate students. To begin with, there isn’t an overabundance of statistics degrees available via distance education, but that hasn’t stopped us from finding the select few that are worth your attention!

All of these Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) programs provide effective instruction in subjects like data mining and analysis, statistical consulting, and computing. Some even offer training – as well as certification prep – in the programming language SAS. In general, an online statistics degree is useful for students who hold positions in finance, computer science, data analysis, or business that could benefit from having an understanding of deeper, more complicated statistics topics.

Rochester Institute of Technology statistics degree online

Rochester Institute of Technology’s MAS isn’t the most affordable option for a statistics degree online, but it is one of the best!

5. Rochester Institute of Technology

Online Master of Applied Statistics

The MAS at the Rochester Institute of Technology is one of the more versatile online statistics degree options you’ll find, with a curriculum that can prepare students for a wide range of career fields. In addition to completing 18 core credits in courses such as Regression Analysis and Statistical Theory, you’ll also select a number of electives to round out your degree. The electives you take are entirely based on your interests and professional goals. For example, you can choose from a pre-determined list of concentrations in Biostatistics, Industrial Statistics, Theory, Predictive Analysis, or Data Mining, or pick a unique combination to form your own individualized specialty. And while it’s true that RIT doesn’t exactly have a cheap statistics degree online, its financial cost pays off – previous graduates have even earned positions with prestigious companies like General Motors and Bausch & Lomb!
Tuition and Fees: $38,948/yr

Penn State World Campus Online Statistics Degree

Pennsylvania State University offers a high-quality statistics degree online for busy students, as 100% of the coursework is available online.

4. Pennsylvania State University World Campus

Online Master of Applied Statistics

Through a partnership with the Eberly College of Science, Penn State World is able to offer a comprehensive master’s degree in statistics online – with no on-campus visits required! Utilizing industry-standard software like SAS, R, and Minitab, Penn State’s qualified professors deliver useful instruction across topics such as statistical consulting, data mining, and predictive analysis. Not only is this one of the most affordable online statistics degrees, but it also offers plenty of career-boosting opportunities; you can take the SAS Base Programming Certification Exam, earn a supplementary certificate in Statistics, or even become a PStat®-certified statistician through the American Statistical Association.
Tuition and Fees: $19,320/yr

Colorado State University Fort Collins Online Statistics Degree

The online statistics degree curriculum at Colorado State has applications in numerous facets of business.

3. Colorado State University Fort Collins

Online Master of Applied Statistics

In the modern world, where technology, science, and hard numbers fuel business decisions, statistics is becoming an increasingly important field of study. Companies of all sizes and shapes are in need of knowledgeable individuals who can translate raw data into meaningful information that will drive results. These “knowledgeable individuals” are statisticians, and the Master of Applied Statistics at Colorado State University offers exactly the training you need to become one of these highly sought after experts. At CSU, students earning accredited online statistics degrees use an asynchronous learning program called Canvas to access course materials whenever it is convenient for them. Recorded lectures, reading assignments, downloadable notes, and interactive discussion boards are all just a click away.
Tuition and Fees: $17,511/yr

University of South Carolina Columbia Online Statistics Degree

USC Columbia’s master’s program is one of the few accredited online statistics degrees to offer SAS Certification.

2. University of South Carolina Columbia

Online Master of Applied Statistics

When it comes to flexibility, the University of South Carolina has one of the best online statistics degree options available today. With 100% online classes, opportunities for part-time study, and even a non-degree seeking “trial period” for indecisive students, USC’s program makes learning especially convenient. You won’t even have to come to campus for exams, as proctors are available at numerous “distance sites” in the region. Those who do live locally have the option to sit in the studio with the professor while he or she records lectures, thus enjoying the traditional feel of on-campus classes whenever they want! Coursework for this Master of Applied Statistics covers both statistical theory and computing, while concentrations are available in Industrial Statistics, Educational Statistics, or SAS Certification.
Tuition and Fees: $19,297/yr

Texas A&M College Station Online Statistics Degree

In addition to being the #1 ranked school on this list, Texas A&M University also has the most affordable online statistics degree in the country.

1. Texas A&M University College Station

Online Master of Science in Statistics

Texas A&M University at College Station unquestionably deserves the top spot on this online statistics degree ranking. With a nearly 80% graduation rate and the lowest tuition rate on this list, TAMU effectively earns an A+ score for its top value. The 36-credit hour program includes courses such as Methods in Time Series Analysis, Statistical Bioinformatics, Advanced Programming Using SAS, and numerous other courses that will impart valuable skills you’ll use in the industry for years to come. And thanks to a year-round schedule that incorporates fall, spring, and summer terms, you can complete this affordable statistics degree online quickly and efficiently.
Tuition and Fees: $12,898/yr

This concludes our ranking of the five best value colleges for an online statistics degree.

See our methodology page for more information about how we calculated this ranking.

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By CVO Staff
Published March 2016


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