Electronics Degrees Online: 10 Best Values 2024


Key Takeaways:

  • The #1 school in our ranking is Eastern New Mexico University, followed by North Carolina A&T State University.
  • A degree in electronics can open up many career opportunities in fields such as telecommunications, consumer electronics, and aerospace.
  • Career opportunities include electronics engineer, embedded systems developer, telecommunications engineer, consumer electronics designer, aerospace engineer, and robotics engineer.
  • The average salary for someone with a degree in electronics can vary depending on the specific job role, industry, and location.

In this ranking, we examine the best values for electronics degrees online and choose the top 10 programs.

What exactly are online electronics degrees? In short, they are bachelor’s programs that focus on any aspect of electronic engineering or electrical technology. These degrees generally aren’t focused too much on coding or even computer science subjects.

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By including a wider range of related programs instead of singular majors like electrical engineering, we were able to compile a more comprehensive list of degrees that might appeal to those interested in electronics. And since engineering is not always suitable for virtual course delivery, this ranking of electronics degrees online incorporates more choices appropriate to distance education.

This includes programs in electronics engineering technology, electrical systems technology, and electronics wireless communications, as well as degree completion options in electrical engineering online.

Either way, you’re sure to find something to pique your interest in this best value ranking of the top 10 electronics degrees online.

Electronics Degree Online: 10 Best Values Methodology

We looked at over 35 online colleges and universities listed by the Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) College Navigator that offered affordable options for electronics degrees online.

We narrowed our pool of schools by applying the following criteria: accreditation, at least one online degree in an electronics discipline (electronic engineering, electrical systems and/or engineering, or other closely related areas of study), institution and/or programs rankings with U.S. News and World Report, and affordability (programs costing less than $15,200 per year).

Below you will find the 10 best values for an electronics degree online, listed according to raw affordability.

  • #1 – Eastern New Mexico University
  • #2 – North Carolina A & T State University
  • #3 – University of North Carolina
  • #4 – Indiana State University
  • #5 – Stony Brook University
  • #6 – Old Dominion University
  • #7 – Arizona State University
  • #8 – Colorado Technical University
  • #9 – University of Arizona
  • #10 – University of Massachusetts

#10 – University of Massachusetts

Electronic Engineering Degree Online

Lowell, Massachusetts


University of Massachusetts - Electronics Degrees Online - 10 Best Values
Earn a bachelor’s in electronic engineering technology! UMASS Lowell.

Undergraduate Tuition: $15,180

The University of Massachusetts Lowell describes its B.S. in electronics engineering technology as ideal preparation for “wherever there is a need for the design, testing, and manufacturing of hardware and software for all things electrical.” And in contemporary high-tech society, that description covers a wide swath of career fields.

Courses such as technical physics, microprocessors, and C++ programming form the foundation of this affordable electronics degree online, along with hands-on labs and experiential opportunities. Like most engineering programs, you will need to attend some face-to-face classes in order to fulfill the degree requirements, but students with substantial technical experience can apply their knowledge as credit toward on-campus projects.

U.S. News and World Report ranks UMASS Lowell #157 in best national universities. Also, the online bachelor’s programs rank #25 out of 367 schools surveyed by U.S. News.

#9 – University of Arizona

Online Bachelor’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tucson, Arizona


University of Arizona - Electronics Degrees Online - 10 Best Values
University of Arizona offers best value electronics degrees online.

Undergraduate Tuition: $12,467

For individuals looking to solve engineering challenges, the online bachelor’s in electrical and computer engineering at University of Arizona is an ideal choice. Students will gain skills necessary to advance engineering by exploring topics in advance embedded systems, cybersecurity, robotics, and wireless technology.

Online students receive the same curriculum as their on-campus peers, with one-on-one attention from professors, mentors, and advisors. Also, thanks to the school’s longstanding partnerships with tech companies, earning a degree from U of A means the possibility of job offers following graduation.

University of Arizona ranks #106 in best national universities by U.S. News and World Report.

#8 – Colorado Technical University

Online Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Colorado Technical University - Electronics Degrees Online - 10 Best Values
Colorado Tech’s online electronics bachelor’s programs are ABET-accredited.

Undergraduate Tuition: $11,960

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Colorado Technical University is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. The program offers a diverse curriculum that touches on a wide range of technical courses.

From small electronic devices, such as smartphones, to expansive network technology and super-computers, enrolled students gain preparation necessary for the high-tech industry. Flexible start dates and online courses help students build their schedules around outside obligations. And with the availability of scholarships and grants, the program is affordable and achievable for working or low-income students.

Colorado Tech ranks with major publications like U.S. News and World Report among the top regional universities in the West.

#7 – Arizona State University

Online Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering

Tempe, Arizona


Arizona State University - Electronics Degrees Online - 10 Best Values
ASU offers an accredited electronics degree online.

Undergraduate Tuition: $10,822

Arizona State University is a large, public university with big goals, and many of its students find this attitude infectious.

Rather than confining students to typical, foundational electronics courses, ASU allows students to study everything from nanotechnology to energy production to global sustainability through its B.S.E., or bachelor’s in electrical engineering, which is one of the most versatile electronics degrees online today.

The impressive resources of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering have enabled ASU to transfer all campus coursework online without losing out on content or quality. And between smart classes in solid-state electronics and electromagnetic fields and the school’s comfortably affordable tuition rate, ASU is a no-brainer when it comes to best values.

ASU earns a top spot on our list of the best electronics degrees online.

#6 – Old Dominion University

Online Bachelor’s in Engineering Technology

Norfolk, Virginia


Old Dominion University - Electronics Degrees Online - 10 Best Values
Online bachelor’s in engineering technology – Old Dominion University.

Undergraduate Tuition: $10,560

Old Dominion University understands that electrical engineering is a complicated subject, and it doesn’t cut any corners with this online degree completion program. From live, regularly scheduled class meetings to active discussions with classmates, the online experience at ODU is hands-on and comprehensive.

Learn about wireless communications, electrical power and machinery, microprocessors and microcontrollers, and complete your own senior project before graduating. It’s also worth noting that Old Dominion is a public university in Virginia, which means it participates in the statewide guaranteed admissions policy.

In other words, Virginia residents who earn their associate’s degree from a local community college can transfer into this online electronics degree program with incredible ease – just be sure to keep your GPA above a 2.5.

#5 – Stony Brook University

Online Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering

Stony Brook, New York


Stony Brook University - Electronics Degrees Online - 10 Best Values
Ranked and accredited – Stony Brook University’s electronics degrees online.

Undergraduate Tuition: $9,625

Of all the inexpensive electronics degrees online we highlight here, Stony Brook University’s B.S. in electrical engineering online is one of the few available entirely through virtual classes. As long as you have completed the first two years of engineering coursework and/or have a relevant associate’s degree, you can obtain all of the upper-level BSEE requirements while still working full time and maintaining your regular schedule.

Delivered through the innovative “Open SUNY” online system, the asynchronous program features a 24/7 help desk, regular access to tutoring, and opportunities for local internships. Even so, be sure to check with your professors and plan ahead – some courses may require proctored examinations or occasional on-site visits for hands-on projects.

Also of note, Stony Brook ranks #80 in best national universities by U.S. News and World Report.

#4 – Indiana State University

Electronic Engineering Degree Online

Terre Haute, Indiana


Indiana State University - Electronics Degrees Online - 10 Best Values
ABET-accredited electronics degrees online – Indiana State University.

Undergraduate Tuition: $9,090

The B.S. in electronics engineering technology from Indiana State University is an ABET-accredited program with an enviable curriculum of technical coursework. Anyone seeking an affordable electronics degree online could benefit from practical classes like AC circuit design, digital computer logic, and industrial computer systems management – all of which are available through ISU’s distance education portal.

Indiana State also offers a wealth of financial support options to its students in the form of scholarships, work-study programs, and special veteran discounts; however, the degree is generally only available to in-state students and does require on-campus visits, so be sure to consider your commute time before applying.

In addition to affordability, Indiana State University offers a solid reputation. In fact, U.S. News and World Report ranks the school among the top national universities.

#3 – University of North Carolina

Online Bachelor’s in Engineering Technology; Fire Safety

Charlotte, North Carolina


University of North Carolina - Electronics Degrees Online - 10 Best Values
Ranked with U.S. News – University of North Carolina’s online bachelor’s in engineering technology.

Undergraduate Tuition: $6,853

University of North Carolina at Charlotte offers a B.S. in Engineering Technology program that consists of a straightforward curriculum designed to eliminate the guesswork out of planning your degree path. Simply earn an AAS degree in a relevant field, transfer into this program, and take all your remaining classes online.

Campus visits for lab classes are restricted to summer sessions, so you can benefit from important experiential training without having to constantly rearrange your schedule. The course outline covers digital logic, linear circuits, microprocessors, power systems and transmission, and all the other topics vital for any student who wants to work in the ELET (Electrical Engineering Technology) industry.

Also, UNC consistently ranks with major publications like U.S. News and World Report.

#2 – North Carolina A&T State University

Online Electronics Technology Degree

Greensboro, North Carolina


North Carolina A & T State University - Electronics Degrees Online - 10 Best Values
Ranked and affordable – North Carolina A&T State University – electronics tech online.

Undergraduate Tuition: $6,612

Students enrolled in the electronics technology program at North Carolina A&T State University receive a broad range of skills necessary to become technology specialists. Admission to the online bachelor’s program is based on the general admission criteria of the university.

The curriculum covers a wide range of technology classes, such as computer database management, digital circuits, electric circuits, human-computer interaction, introduction to computer programming, and network servers. Students master technical skills, learn how to problem-solve and utilize creative thinking skills and understand the challenges facing technology innovation and implementation.

And to top off the program, its reputation is recognized by major publications like U.S. News and World Report. In fact, U.S. News ranks their online computer information technology programs, including electronics technology, #38 out of more than 1,200 surveyed programs.

#1 – Eastern New Mexico University

Electronics Engineering Degrees Online

Portales, New Mexico


Eastern New Mexico University - Electronics Degrees Online - 10 Best Values
Fully online EET program – Eastern New Mexico University.

Undergraduate Tuition: $6,326

The most affordable of the electronics degrees online, and on our list, comes from Eastern New Mexico University. The school offers a reputable and accredited online bachelor’s in electronics engineering technology designed for students with a sound mathematical background.

Delivered fully online, EET courses cover topics in computers, electrical circuits, electronics, instrumentation, and manufacturing and testing. Courses are heavily math-based and require a certain level of advanced math skills. Exposure to computer applications or programming and physics may also prepare you for courses in the EET program.

Eastern New Mexico ranks with U.S. News and World Report as a top regional university in the West and is our #1 pick for best value – electronics degrees online.

CVO Staff

This concludes our list of electronics degree online programs.

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