Coding Bootcamp Vs. Computer Science Degree: Decoding A Path

coding bootcamps vs computer science degree

One of the most in-demand courses in higher education is those that directly lead to tech jobs. There are two main pathways to breaking into the job market. You can earn a certificate in coding bootcamp or pursue a computer science degree. Pick the best option based on your goals and preferences.

Finding the right pathway is essential, especially in today’s competitive job market. A coding bootcamp certificate might be a great start if you’re aiming for entry-level roles. However, a computer science degree might be better if you want a more comprehensive understanding of the principles. It also leads to a broader range of career prospects.

Understanding Coding Bootcamps

Many tech professionals pursue training and certification to match specific job profiles. Compared to traditional computer science degrees, coding boot camps are more affordable and only last 2-6 months. But that doesn’t mean they’re less valuable.

Featured Programs

Coding bootcamps are short, intensive programs that focus on practical skill development. Rather than theoretical knowledge, these bootcamps feature specialized curricula. The courses include Programming Fundamentals, Web Development, Back-End Development, Databases, and Version Control.

At the end of the program, you’ll be proficient in several programming languages and frameworks. These include Python, PHP stacks, JavaScript, HTML, and Python.

Exploring Computer Science Degrees

Computer science degree programs can take four years of full-time study. With transfer credits from associate degrees or certification programs, you can complete it in two to three years.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science requires 120 to 128 credits. It focuses on theoretical knowledge and a broader understanding of computer science principles.

The curriculum will vary from program to program. The usual courses are:

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Architecture and Organization
  • Software Development

Comparing Costs

The most expensive choice is the computer science degree, which has an average tuition of $30,000-$40,000. This figure doesn’t include other costs associated with earning a bachelor’s degree. You will also pay for room and board, transportation, health insurance, and campus fees.

College education value extends beyond immediate financial gains and cannot be overstated. Degree holders are more likely to receive higher salaries and have greater long-term earning potential. On the other hand, the average cost of a reputable coding bootcamps is only $9,000. Coding bootcamps, unlike college degrees, do not incur large amounts of school fees.

Coding bootcamps might seem like the better, more practical option. It might offer a more direct path for those seeking entry-level positions or looking to pivot quickly into a tech career. However, they’re not suitable for students aiming for leadership positions or research roles. It may not be the best choice to focus on specialized areas of computer science either.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities

Exhaust all financial aid resources before spending your savings or taking out loans. You can meet with the school’s financial aid counselors and ask for free tuition paying tips.

The first step in hunting for financial aid opportunities is filling out the FAFSA form. This form allows you to qualify for federal and state grants, work-study programs, and low-interest loans. You can also search for scholarship opportunities funded by private organizations. Corporations, foundations, community groups, and professional associations usually offer these.

Career Prospects and Industry Demand

Coding bootcamps and computer science degrees offer networking opportunities. The skills you acquire from both programs are valuable in today’s market and lead to high-paying roles. 

To compare:

  • Bootcamps provide quicker and stronger job placement rates as they are designed with industry partners.
  • Computer science degrees produce competent graduates with the right skills for specialized positions.

In terms of salary, there isn’t much of a difference between graduates of coding bootcamps and bachelor’s in computer science degrees. According to ZipRecruiter, their average salaries are:

  • Coding bootcamp: $65,818
  • Computer science degree: $66,180

Skill Development and Versatility

Coding bootcamps, usually tied with industry partners, are more career-specific. Instead of giving you an overview of the field, they train you for specific tech skills immediately. Bootcamp graduates often find success in startups, small to medium-sized tech companies, or as freelancers.

Computer science degrees emphasize the principles and theoretical knowledge of the discipline. While they take longer to finish, computer science programs provide a comprehensive education. They lead to greater, long-term career opportunities and advancement potential. Tech companies, government agencies, and research institutions demand the skills of computer science graduates.

Long-Term Value and Worth

Unlike computer science degrees, coding bootcamps may limit your options to specific roles. However, the latter is your best alternative to break into the new and test the waters.

If you want a comprehensive education, you should consider a bachelor’s degree. For higher, more advanced or specialized positions, some employers prefer candidates with formal degrees over bootcamp graduates. However, bachelor’s degrees are financially and mentally demanding.


  • Both coding bootcamps and computer science degrees offer viable pathways into the tech industry. Each has its own set of advantages and considerations.
  • Coding bootcamps provide a quick, focused approach to acquiring practical tech skills. If you seek entry-level roles or want a quick entry into a tech career, a bootcamp is for you.
  • Computer science degrees offer a comprehensive education. They feature a deeper theoretical understanding and broader career prospects. They are suitable for those aiming for long-term growth and versatility in the field.
  • The choice between coding bootcamps and computer science degrees depends on your career aspirations. Your willingness to invest in higher education is also a great factor. Before deciding on a pathway, make sure that you have done all your research. Always decide with your long-term goals, financial resources, and learning preferences in mind.