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  • Education (Master’s): Online master’s in education degree programs are some of the most popular graduate programs available today. Early education teachers, elementary and secondary educators, and even those working in higher education can now advance their careers and improve their salaries, thanks to these convenient and flexible M.Ed. offerings.
  • Early Childhood (Master’s): There are many incentives for teachers of young children to pursue a master’s in early childhood education online. While the median pay for preschool teachers is just $28,750 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are many advancement opportunities for those teachers willing to work towards an early childhood education master’s degree online.
  • Educational Leadership (Master’s): An online master’s in educational leadership program prepares teachers and graduates for leadership positions in the field of education. Many educational leadership degree-holders become professional development coordinators, principals and administrators, and even district superintendents. Online master’s in educational leadership programs open up doors to higher paying careers than those positions requiring only a bachelor’s degree in education.
  • Education (Accelerated Master’s): Most states now require teachers to pursue professional development and eventually earn a graduate degree if they wish to keep their certification. This can be difficult for teachers who have to contend with busy schedules during the school year. The online programs we profile below are designed so teachers can earn their degree quickly, without having to quit their job in the meantime.
  • School Counseling (Accelerated Master’s): School counselors fulfill a very specific role in the counseling world. They provide guidance to primary and secondary students and their parents. School counselors work with students on college plans and help to identify risk factors in students, from mental health risks to learning disabilities, and in some unfortunate circumstances abuse and trauma counseling. School counseling graduate degrees generally consist of anywhere from 42 to 60+ credit hours of study.
  • Ed.D. Online Programs: Top 40 Values: Teachers pursue online doctoral programs in education for a variety of different reasons. Some teachers may be seeking an advanced position in the field of education for salary advancement purposes. Others may be looking to enhance their leadership skills in order to mentor or train fellow teachers. Still others might want to seek positions as administrators or superintendents. No matter what the specific motive, most educators desire an online PhD program that is not only affordable, but flexible as well.
  • Top 30 Accelerated Master’s in Education Leadership Programs Online 2019: Elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education administrators typically need a master’s degree. Employers look for candidates with experience working in the field and an advanced educational background. Many principals and educational leaders have earned a master’s in educational leadership. We reviewed a pool of schools that offer accelerated master’s in educational leadership online programs. These programs offer a quick path toward earning your specialized M.Ed.
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