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Math/Science/Engineering Degree Rankings

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  • Actuarial Science: Actuarial science is an interdisciplinary profession that uses the principles of mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, and business to tackle some of the most pressing issues of risk across multiple industries. Insurance companies, banks, investment banks, pension management companies, and many arms of the government use actuaries for a variety of purposes. At their core, actuaries are risk analysts. They use complex methods to determine risk and likely outcomes in whichever area of the profession they choose to work.
  • Food Science: Food science is a STEM field in which each of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics plays a crucial role. Food scientists work in every facet of the $600 billion food industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for food scientists is $58,610, but those with advanced degrees and experience in the field often earn over $100,000 per year.
  • Online Statistics Degree: All of these Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) programs provide effective instruction in subjects like data mining and analysis, statistical consulting, and computing. Some even offer training – as well as certification prep – in the programming language SAS. In general, an online statistics degree is useful for students who hold positions in finance, computer science, data analysis, or business that could benefit from having an understanding of deeper, more complicated statistics topics.
  • Electronics Degree Online: These are bachelor’s programs that focus on any aspect of electronic engineering or electrical technology. By including a wider range of related programs instead of singular majors like Electrical Engineering, we were able to compile a more comprehensive list of degrees that might appeal to those interested in electronics. And since engineering is not always suitable for virtual course delivery, this ranking of electronics degrees online incorporates more choices appropriate to distance education.
  • Online Biology Degree: In this ranking, we examine the top 15 value colleges for online biology degree programs, including the online biology bachelor degree and the online biology master’s degree.
  • Online Architecture Degree: Although it seems highly specialized, architecture is actually one of the most versatile and multidisciplinary majors you could choose. It combines a reliance on numbers and rigid calculations with an appreciation for aesthetic and creative design.
  • Online Mathematics Degree: If you are fascinated by equations and passionate about their applications, you might be destined for a math degree. Online degrees in mathematics are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not just because the skills they impart are so valuable in the job market.
  • Online Geology Degree: As a discipline, geology is an earth science that focuses on the study of rocks, soil, minerals, and sediment. At first glance, this might sound boring. But geologists use these earthly elements as clues to inform their broader interest in plate tectonics, natural events (like earthquakes), climate change, environmental issues, and even geotechnological engineering.
  • Mining Engineering: A bachelor’s in mining engineering degree program prepares students for an exciting career in a highly lucrative industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mining engineers earn a median wage of $94,041 per year.
  • Online PhD Engineering Management:  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the United States Department of Labor, employment of engineering managers is projected to grow six percent through the year 2026. The growth rate is on par with the average growth rate for all other occupations. As industries thrive and companies grow, engineering managers with adequate experience and advanced education will likely be needed. To accommodate anticipated growth, online PhD in engineering management programs from top-ranked colleges and universities are available.
  • Urban and Regional Planning: Bachelor’s in urban and regional planning degree programs focus on topics such as land use, community development, housing, economic development, and historic preservation.
  • Oceanography: Bachelor’s in oceanography students may study biological, physical, chemical, and geological oceanography, or they may specialize in one of these fields. Oceanography is a hands-on course of study and includes many opportunities for students to conduct research and field studies.
  • Marine Biology: A bachelor’s in marine biology is an ideal choice for those students interested in studying marine animals in their natural habitats. This undergraduate degree is also a potentially lucrative option. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for zoologists and wildlife biologists is $59,680 a year.
  • Marine Science: Coursework for this particular degree is often hands-on and includes myriad opportunities for experiential learning activities, fieldwork, and research. Many marine science graduates go on to work as conservationists, researchers, consultants, and professors. Others pursue graduate work in the field. Whatever your future plans, we can help you find a top value bachelor’s degree in marine science program.
  • Animal Behavior: Animal Behavior is a fascinating field. These bachelor’s degrees pave the way for knowledge and hands-on skill in working with animals in many different capacities.
  • Renewable Energy: Look for this hot new field of renewable resources to compete with fossil fuels in the coming decades. Get in early with a bachelor’s from one of these accredited institutions.
  • Petroleum Engineering Schools Online: All of these degrees are offered by petroleum engineering schools ranked among the top 200 engineering institutions in the United States by U.S. News and World Report. We ranked them according to three factors: the school’s overall U.S. News ranking, the engineering programmatic ranking by U.S. News, and program cost.
  • STEM Degree: If you’re interested in earning a degree in a STEM field, you might want to consider attending a college or university focused particularly on STEM. This comes with numerous advantages.
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