We developed this ranking for readers interested in identifying graduate schools with the cheapest online masters degree offerings.

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First, a few points of information about this resource on the cheapest online master’s degrees.

1) We wanted to include schools from a variety of states and state systems, so we limited ourselves to selecting two schools from any given state, and those schools had to be from different university systems.

2) Tuition data reported here is the average yearly tuition of each graduate school as found in the NCES College Navigator database. Actual tuition may differ slightly between degrees within the same university.

2) We used in-state tuition where available. However, universities with the cheapest in-state tuition often have very cheap out-of-state tuition as well, and many online programs offer in-state tuition to out of state students, so make sure you check with the school’s admissions office for details.

Ranking of Grad Schools Offering The Cheapest Online Masters Degree

#10. Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University cheapest online masters degrees

Arkansas State starts off our ranking of cheapest online masters degrees with a nice diversity of program options.

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Arkansas State University offers some of the most affordable master’s degrees online. The school offers five distinct programs, including programs in public administration, sport administration, an MA in teaching, and several master of science in education programs, including gifted, talented, and creative, theory and practice, and educational leadership.

Tuition: $4,392
Number of Graduate Programs: 5

#9. University of Wyoming

cheapest online masters degrees

The University of Wyoming stands out among our cheapest online masters degrees for its programs in education.

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The University of Wyoming offers an impressive selection of affordable online master’s programs, including five distinct options in education, which is good news for teachers looking for affordable online master’s programs. Among the other programs offered are kinesiology, nursing, public administration, speech-language pathology, and an executive master’s in business administration program.

Number of Graduate Programs: 12

#8. Cameron University

cheapest online masters degrees

For one of the cheapest masters degrees online, Cameron university is hard to beat.

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Cameron University may only offer two online master’s degree programs, but they’re two of the most popular and cheapest online master’s degrees available anywhere. The master’s in business administration online and the master’s in organizational leadership online are both in high demand. While often seen as similar, they are different in that the MBA is a more general, structured program, whereas the strength of the MOL is better suited for those looking for a customized education.

Number of Graduate Programs: 2

#7. Texas A&M University at Commerce

cheapest online masters degrees

Students looking for the cheapest online masters will want to consider the 12 different program options at Texas A & M-Commerce.

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Not only does Texas A&M Commerce offer some of the cheapest online master’s degrees you’ll find anywhere, the MBA program is AACSB accredited, which at this price is rather impressive. Among the 12 distinct programs offered is an education program with five concentrations. Other online master’s degree programs include management, marketing, applied criminology, finance, biological sciences, physics, and applied linguistics.

Number of Graduate Programs: 12

#6. New Mexico Highlands University

cheapest online masters degrees

New Mexico Highlands stands out among cheapest online masters degrees programs by offering even the doctorate degree.

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New Mexico Highlands University not only offers a large selection of the cheapest online master’s degrees, they also offer doctorates, which is worth of a mention even though this list deals primarily with the cheapest master’s degrees online. Among the 14 programs offered are sociology, spanish, business administration, public health, nursing, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, and music education.

Number of Graduate Programs: 14

#5. University of Texas at Brownsville

cheapest online masters degrees

UT Brownsville offers seven of the cheapest online masters degrees available today.

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UT at Brownsville is another of Texas’ schools offering amazingly cheap online master’s degrees. One unique offering is its Spanish MBA. Other online master’s degree programs offered are educational technology, mathematics, nursing, and spanish translation and interpreting.

Number of Graduate Programs: 7

#4. Wayne State College

cheapest online masters degrees

Wayne State offers two of the cheapest online masters to get you ahead in your career.

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Wayne State College offers some of the most practical, cheapest master’s degrees online. The selection isn’t massive, the two fully online programs are among the most popular, the MBA and the MS in organizational management. The organizational management program has concentrations in sport and recreation management. The MBA program focuses on communicating the essentials of advanced business knowledge in a 30-credit program that aids in the affordability, and timeframe for completion.

Number of Graduate Programs: 2

#3. Chadron State College

cheapest online masters degrees

Chadron State College’s affordable online masters programs include subject-specific education degrees.

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Unlike the education programs offered by most schools, Chadron State College offers MA programs in education targeted at specific subjects. Among the MA programs offered are: history, mathematics, curriculum and instruction, and educational administration. Chadron also offers programs in organizational management, and business administration.

Number of Graduate Programs: 6

#2. Fort Hays State University

cheapest online masters degrees

For solid quality at an amazing price among cheapest online masters, check out Forty Hays.

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FHSU offers a great selection of high quality, yet cheap, online master’s programs. Among these are: business administration, nursing administration, psychology, special education, educational administration, health and human performance, and counseling.

Number of Graduate Programs: 13

#1. Western New Mexico University

cheapest online masters degrees

Western New Mexico tops our cheapest online masters degrees ranking with a price tag worth a good look.

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Western New Mexico University is an example of what can happen when state funding and determination to provide an affordable online education combine. The seven highly affordable online master’s degree programs include business administration, education, occupational therapy, educational leadership, interdisciplinary studies, reading, and social work.

Number of Graduate Programs: 7

This concludes our presentation of 10 universities offering the cheapest online master’s degree.