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Business Degree Rankings

ranking business degrees

  • Affordable Online Bachelor’s Accounting – Are you looking for the best online accounting degree, without breaking the bank? In this article, we highlight the 100 most affordable accredited online accounting degree programs based on tuition and fees.
  • Online Bachelor’s in Accounting – Looking for the best online accounting schools that offer the greatest value? In this ranking, we examine the best value colleges for an accounting degree online.
  • Accelerated Online Master’s in Accounting – While the number of online programs in accounting has grown significantly in the past five years, many of the programs are still only available at a part time pace. This means they often take two or more years to complete. The accounting programs here can all be completed in a maximum of eighteen months, and some can be completed in as few as eight months.
  • Online Master’s Accounting – For working professionals, going back to school to receive the credentials necessary to become a CPA or related accounting professional can be a tedious effort, however. Colleges and universities understand this and have begun to create hybrid and online accounting master’s programs to accommodate professionals who prefer to complete their coursework from home and on their own schedules.
  • Bachelor’s Business Administration Online – Business is one of the most popular majors at nearly every level of study – and for good reason. The aptitudes you obtain through a business program, including communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills, are essential for almost any career path you could choose. As such, an online business degree is one of the most important options a college could offer – and thankfully, one of the most prolific!
  • Business Administration (Small Colleges) – In this ranking, we highlight the 50 most affordable competitive small colleges for business administration based on undergrad enrollment, percent of students admitted, SAT score threshold (particularly Critical Reading and Math), and net price.
  • Finance Bachelor’s Online – Finance is a particularly interesting major for college students in that it is both highly specialized and widely applicable to many career fields. Distinct from programs in business, accounting, and economics, finance degrees incorporate elements of all those topics while also carving a unique space as the study of how money affects business.
  • Finance Master’s Online – Although a master of finance online isn’t required for all professions in the field, it can give job candidates a competitive edge and qualify them for higher paying positions. To aid working students in their pursuit to find an affordable, quality program, we’ve developed this ranking of 15 top value online master’s in finance degree programs.
  • Foodie Entrepreneur – You’re the consummate foodie entrepreneur in search of a degree program that goes easy on the wallet, because you’re determined to start your own food business come graduation day, if it’s the last thing you do. But you also want a program with high-quality student support in order to access an education of value.
  • International Relations – A bachelor’s in international relations degree is a broad, interdisciplinary degree that can prepare graduates for a wide variety of different careers and for graduate study. This versatility makes it an appealing option for students who want to ensure that they have plenty of career and job options after graduation.
  • Online Master’s in Human Resources – If you’re interested in pursuing an online master’s in human resources, you’ll be happy to know that this lucrative industry is currently in a state of rapid growth. In this ranking, we examine the top value master’s human resources online programs that may help advance you in the industry.
  • Master’s in Leadership Online – A master’s in leadership online degree provides a great way for working business professionals to climb the ladder into upper management positions. Prospective students may wonder what factors to consider when choosing such a program, however. To help these students choose the ideal online master’s in leadership program, we’ve compiled the this ranking.
  • Online MBA – Pursuing an MBA online can be a highly lucrative endeavor. Not only may an MBA significantly increase one’s chances of receiving a raise and/or promotion, but online MBA programs allow students to continue working and earning money while completing their graduate degrees in business.
  • Online Master’s in Marketing – Marketing is a fascinating and potentially lucrative field, making the idea of returning to school to earn a master’s in marketing online a very appealing one for students with business and non-business backgrounds. If you’ve decided to take this exciting plunge, remember to look before you leap. Choosing an online master’s marketing degree that’s anything less than stellar could be a costly and time-consuming mistake.
  • Affordable Accelerated Online Master’s in Marketing – A fast cheap online master’s in marketing may be your best bet to an earnings increase, with high ROI in a super convenient format for busy adults.
  • Online Master’s Project Management – There are many reasons why prospective students may consider pursuing a master’s in project management online degree. Working professionals looking to improve job performance or advance their business careers often find such a degree to be helpful in achieving their professional goals. Which master project management online program is right for you, however? To help you answer this question, we’ve reviewed scores of programs to determine the top value online project management master’s degrees.
  • Online Master’s Public Administration – This is a ranking of MPA online degrees (Master’s in Public Administration) according to value. Many people in the human services field in recent years have elected to earn their MPA degree online. Most professionals seeking an MPA online program are mid-career in public service or non-profit fields, and many of the programs in this ranking are designed to meet those needs specifically, giving the degree an edge over more general degrees like business administration.
  • Online Master’s in Public Relations – In this ranking, we explore the top value master’s in public relations online degree programs for 2017. Graduates from such programs may be qualified for advanced positions in the field of public relations, including careers as public relations specialists, public relations managers, marketing directors, and communications specialists.
  • Master’s Sports Management Online – Online master’s in sports management degrees are versatile programs that prepare graduates for leadership roles in many different areas of the sports industry, including athletic directors, college coaches, sports marketing managers and sports information directors. When looking for an online master’s degree in sports management, it’s crucial to do your homework.
  • PhD Sports Management Online – To help job applicants qualify for agent roles and promotion manager positions, accredited colleges and universities offer online PhD in sports management programs.
  • Online Master’s Supply Chain Management – Supply chain management is a critical facet of any organization. Professionals who earn graduate degrees in this specialized area of business learn how to effectively manage the flow of goods and services, information within companies, and suppliers and their customers. Students seeking this type of job can pursue an online master’s in supply chain management degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Online Master’s Hospitality Management – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of management occupations is projected to grow eight percent through the year 2026, approximately as fast as the average for all occupations. The growth is expected to be driven by the formation of new organizations, such as hotels and restaurants. These businesses will require hospitality managers. To stand out among often fierce competition for management jobs, individuals may consider earning a master’s in hospitality management online degree.
  • Accelerated MBA Programs Online – We looked at over 200 accredited colleges and universities listed by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) College Navigator that offered online accelerated MBA programs. We narrowed our selection of schools by applying the following criteria: degree completion time of less than two years; graduate tuition and fees less than $34,000 per year; and national, regional, and/or program rankings with a major publication like U.S. News and World Report. We then listed the schools in order of raw affordability.
  • Doctorate Organizational Leadership Online – The highest leadership roles require education and experience. Thankfully, doctorate in organizational leadership online programs are now available. Check out how you might propel your career to the top levels through one of these programs.
  • PhD Human Resources Management Online – As new companies form and businesses and organizations expand, the need for human resources managers will increase. To accommodate demand to fill these roles, colleges and universities now offer online PhD in human resources management programs.
  • Cheapest Online PhD in Finance – Up until recently, online PhD programs were limited, and traditional programs were the norm. In recent years, reputable and accredited public and private universities started offering online doctoral programs, including the online PhD in finance or online DBA in finance.
  • PhD in Accounting Online – Online doctoral programs are limited and even fewer programs exist for individuals seeking accounting degrees. However, through careful research, we found top PhD in accounting online programs that are both accredited and recognized with major publications like U.S. News and World Report. We researched both online PhD in accounting programs and online DBA programs that covered accounting topics or offered specializations in this niche business field.
  • PhD in Marketing Online – While online PhD programs are limited, few accredited online PhD marketing degrees are offered from ranked colleges and universities. One alternative to the PhD in marketing online program is the DBA in marketing. We researched a number of schools and programs to find the 25 best online PhD in marketing or DBA in marketing online degrees.
  • PhD Project Management Online – We narrowed our original pool of schools to the 20 top online PhD in project management programs by applying the following criteria: accreditation by a reputable governing body, online pathways to the PhD in project management online degree, institution rankings with at least one major publication like U.S. News and World Report. We then listed the top 20 PhD in project management online programs according to raw affordability.
  • Fast Master’s Entrepreneurship – The U.S. economy is driven by entrepreneurs. In the last decade, there has been a surge in entrepreneurial job growth. It is noted that entrepreneurship will continue to grow in all areas of business. In spite of the risks, entrepreneurs find their careers quite rewarding.
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