5 Great OSHA Scholarships for Occupational Safety Majors

Occupational health and safety is a growing field. As it continues expanding and also reaches further into technology, there will be a higher demand for professionals with degrees. There are several OSHA scholarship resources for both undergraduate and graduate students, and these are a few top examples.

Top OSHA Scholarships Available

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1. 3M Occupational Health And Environmental Safety Scholarship

3M has been offering this scholarship for the past several decades. It is awarded to four students every year. To qualify, students must be majoring in occupational health and safety at an accredited college. Academic achievements are also considered.

Each scholarship is $5,000. Also, scholarship winners receive an expenses-paid trip to the American Industrial Hygiene Association Conference and Exposition where there is a reception held in their honor. Students can apply directly through 3M’s site.

2. Environmental Safety And Health Association SESHA Scholarship

The SESHA scholarship is awarded annually to both graduate and undergraduate students. To qualify, applicants must be enrolled in a qualified occupational health or safety degree program.

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This scholarship is set up as a contest. Each applicant submits a technical research project focusing on environmental, safety or health topics that relate to electronics. The chosen winners each receive $1,000 to use toward tuition. Students can learn more about SESHA and apply for the scholarship through the ESH for High Technology’s site.

3. American Society Of Safety Engineers Scholarship

This organization offers over 70 different undergraduate and graduate scholarships. Students must be enrolled in an accredited occupational safety program to qualify. Academic achievements are the most important criteria.

The scholarships focus on many different aspects of occupational health and safety. Each scholarship is for a very specific career path, which is why students who apply should have a solid plan for their future career. Scholarship award amounts vary between $1,000 and $5,500 each. Interested students can learn more and apply through the ASSE Foundation’s site.

4. Campus Safety Health And Environmental Management Association Scholarship

CSHEMA offers an annual scholarship to several students in graduate and undergraduate programs. Applicants can also apply directly out of high school if they are enrolled in an accredited program for occupational health and safety. All applicants must be enrolled for at least 12 credit hours per semester or as a full-time student in an institution that uses trimesters or quarters. The award amount for each scholarship winner is $3,000. GPA and academic achievements are also important. Students can download updated forms and rules for the scholarship on CSHEMA’s site.

5. Deep South Center for Occupational Health and Safety

This organization offers a variety of scholarships, which are delivered through the University of Alabama at Birmingham. There are many specific options. For example, undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in industrial hygiene qualify for a specific scholarship, and graduate students pursuing research on home pollutants and their effects qualify for another specific scholarship.

To qualify for any scholarship, students must first apply to and be accepted at UAB. The scholarship funds cannot be used at any other college. Award amounts vary based on the type of scholarship and the applicant’s career plans. Interested students can find more information on UAB’s site.

There are plenty of other OSHA scholarships from schools and organizations. Since student loans can be difficult for graduates to repay, it is important to apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible. In some cases, occupational health and safety students who apply for many scholarships receive more than one. The first step is enrolling in a degree program.

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