5 Great Scholarships for Criminal Justice

With scholarships for criminal justice, you can now pay your tuition and other college expenses without taking out a lot of student loans. When you apply for and receive student loans, you’re responsible for paying off those loans and any interest that accumulates once you graduate. Scholarships are essentially free money that you can use to pay for textbooks, classes and other costs. Many organizations and groups offer scholarships for criminal justice majors.

StraightForward Media Law Enforcement Scholarship

Not all scholarships give you enough cash to pay all your expenses, but when you get several smaller scholarships, you can pay a significant portion of your costs. One of the smaller scholarships that you can apply for is the StraightForward Media Law Enforcement Scholarship. Designed for criminal justice majors, this scholarship goes to students who want to work in law enforcement and similar fields. The scholarship application is available all year, and winning students receive $500.

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Alpha Pi Sigma Best Paper Scholarships

The Alpha Pi Sigma Best Paper Scholarship program is open to all college students currently enrolled who are also a member of the fraternity. To qualify, you must write a paper on a topic relating to criminal justice. The fraternity will announce the topic for the annual scholarship in advance, which gives students time to do some research, write their papers and edit their work. The deadline is usually around the middle of January. Three students will win a scholarship that ranges in size from $150 to $500.

Department of Homeland Security Scholarships

Those working for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) help protect American citizens and those living in the United States from threats every day. If you want to work for the DHS after college, apply for one of the scholarships that it offers every year. According to the DHS website, these scholarships are open to students who want to work in intelligence and analysis, law enforcement, law, public affairs and health. Some of its scholarships award students a monthly stipend they can use while enrolled in an approved program, and others provide students with money they can use while completing an internship.

My Alarm Center Student Scholarships

Any student currently studying criminal justice can apply for one of the scholarships available from My Alarm Center. The program is open to those just starting out. You must be either a freshman or a sophomore in high school, but you can also apply as a high school senior. Applicants in college must be a major in either law enforcement, criminal justice or law, but the program also allows those studying a similar field to apply. The deadline is usually at the beginning of July 1, and winners get $1,000 to use toward their college expenses.

Crimcheck.com Criminal Justice Scholarship

Another of the smaller scholarships for criminal justice that you can apply for is the one offered by Crimcheck.com. This website requires that all applicants complete an application by August 1, but winners will receive their scholarships near the star of the school year. Qualifying students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher. The website also looks for students who have strong leadership skills and those who can demonstrate their leadership skills through volunteer work and other experiences.

While college is expensive, you can use scholarships to bring down your overall costs. These scholarships will go even further if you’re earning an accelerated online associate degree in criminal justice. As a criminal justice major, you’ll find scholarships that range in size from $150 to over $1,000. Make sure that you look at the deadlines and complete all required steps when applying for scholarships for criminal justice while in college.