What Tech Fields Are the Highest-Paying?

It’s no secret that many technology fields are both in demand and have high median salaries, but there are a few careers that can offer earnings that compete with high paying positions in business, healthcare, and other industries. While these positions typically require a solid education, proven skill and a lot of experience, the barrier for entry into technology careers can be lower than medical, legal or financial ones. However, students and new professionals have to consistently improve themselves and develop skills outside of their technical expertise to advance to the top.

Systems Architecture

In tech industry terminology, architecture refers to the overall strategy and structure for software or systems. Infrastructure architects at a large company may manage dozens of servers, data centers, and cloud computing networks to ensure they work seamlessly and effectively. Applications and software architects examine digital solutions from a broader perspective, developing project strategies and assisting with research or design as needed. Infrastructure, software, and applications architects are all among the highest paying technology fields.


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Software Development

Code is the fundamental building block of all software and digital systems, so skilled and experienced programmers often enjoy a healthy selection of career opportunities. There are many levels of seniority in software engineering, which typically scales with experience and verifiable results from prior projects. Software engineers willing to take on the responsibilities of a leadership position can increase their earning potential significantly. Software engineering and development managers were among the highest earning tech jobs in 2018, according to Business Insider.

Information Security

Virtually every organization from government agencies to international corporations relies on computer and information systems to function. Many organizations also store sensitive information about their research, customers or communications in digital environments. As hackers continue to develop new ways around security measures, cybersecurity professionals work to build fresh defenses to protect vital data. Information security engineers are among the highest paying fields in tech industries due to the sheer importance and complexity of their work. They also bear the significant responsibility of establishing a primary line of defense against incursions that could place the entire company in jeopardy.

Applied Data Science

While it involves plenty of mathematics and statistics, data science is a tech-driven field that has numerous applications in business, finances, marketing, and research. Data scientists who want to build their earning potential often seek careers at larger companies as part of a data management team. The study, management, and manipulation of data have wide-ranging implications across many industries, but it’s particularly noteworthy for its applications in machine learning. Data scientists who can help employers develop adaptive algorithms and effective solutions are in high demand.

Many students start shaping and directing their career path while they are still in school, but even graduates and working professionals have incredible flexibility in determining their future. Many of the highest paying tech fields are accessible to people with an undergraduate degree, so those willing to rise to new challenges enjoy many opportunities for career advancement.