5 Careers with a Degree in Sociology

  • Human Resource Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Policy Analyst
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Management Consultant

Sociology is a broad field that involves the study of society. Sociologists are concerned with the ways in which groups of people function and are structured, along with how societies develop over time. Topics of interest in this field include family, marriage, behavioral deviance, social inequality, aging, gender roles, public policy and more. Keep reading to learn about just five common jobs within this field.


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1. Human Resource Officer

Human Resources, or HR, involves working with the personnel of an organization. These professionals must have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to communicate with diverse groups. They also need to think well on their feet and maintain an environment that complies with regulations and is deemed impartial by employees. Tasks HR representatives take on include the hiring of staff, mediating disputes and developing organizational policies.

2. Social Worker

One of the most common sociology careers is that of social worker. One of the reasons for this is because social workers depend upon an understanding of interpersonal dynamics and societal institutions. These are topics learned as a sociology major. Social workers are charged with helping individuals and families to solve problems including mental health issues, lack of resources and navigating cultural systems. With the right combination of undergraduate degrees you can earn your MSW degree fast online.

3. Policy Analyst

Those with a sociology degree are uniquely positioned to do well in the realm of public policy. Policy analysts are in charge of helping to shape policies that affect the public. They use their in-depth knowledge of sociology to guide their recommendations on legislation and to determine how the public will be impacted by social problems. Policy analysts influence such important issues as education, poverty, welfare, job training and substance abuse.

4. Public Relations Specialist

The job of a public relations (PR) specialist is to handle the promotion and publicity of their clients. These professionals must have a great deal of finesse when dealing with media outlets. Their verbal and written communication skills, along with their ability to solve problems, must be top-notch. PR specialists write press releases, navigate questions from the media and promote their clients to various outlets.

5. Management Consultants

Sociology majors tend to do quite well in business fields due to their understanding of both people and group dynamics. Management consultants are business professionals that analyze issues that affect companies, research ways to overcome such problems and then recommend relevant solutions to their clients. They must be well-spoken, persuasive and understand human nature, along with possessing the ability to communicate well.

These are just five jobs those interested in working with people might look into. Such positions can be quite fulfilling. There are many other jobs within this field to research. Sociology is a versatile major that can qualify a graduate at the Bachelor’s level or above to work in a wide array of potential fields. Sociology careers tend to be ones that involve constant change and require flexibility among their workers.

Source: American Sociological Association