What Is a Spanish MBA?

Many business students and professionals know about the MBA degree, but they may wonder, “What is a Spanish MBA?” This degree is a Master of Business Administration designed for Spanish-speaking students. Universities located in the United States and abroad offer these programs. Most include a focus on global business issues in Spain and Latin America. This degree can offer students a competitive edge in the international market.

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MBA in Spanish: University Programs in the US

There are many universities in United States that offer an MBA in Spanish. There are some programs that offer courses taught entirely in Spanish and some that offer a mix of Spanish and English instruction. In the Global Executive MBA program at the University of Miami, all of the classes are taught in Spanish and students have the opportunity to network with top business leaders across Latin America. UT Brownsville and National University both offer online MBA programs taught entirely in Spanish. The Spanish-Supported MBA at Excelsior College is taught in English by bilingual professors, but offers Spanish-speaking support and translated course materials for Spanish-speaking students.

University Programs Outside the US: MBA in Spain

Universities outside of the United States also offer an MBA in Spanish. IE University in Spain has several MBA programs, including the Executive MBA, taught entirely in Spanish. This program is a mix of online and in-person learning. ESADE, an international university with locations in Spain and Argentina, offers a variety MBA programs that incorporate Spanish. In one program, professors teach the course material in English and also teach students the Spanish language. In another program, all course instruction and materials are in Spanish.

Who Would Seek This Degree?

A Spanish MBA degree is desirable for different types of students. Native Spanish-speaking business students will find themselves more comfortable in these programs because there are no language barriers. Students who are not native Spanish speakers will have an opportunity to strengthen their Spanish speaking skills for a business context and also learn the appropriate cultural norms and etiquettes of business dealings.

What Does an MBA in Spanish Offer?

An MBA in Spanish provides business professionals with a competitive edge in today’s market. Through their coursework, students have knowledge of business markets and opportunities in Spain and Latin America, a chance to network with business professionals across the globe, and a fluency in the language and cultural etiquettes of the region. With all this knowledge and experience, graduates have a better chance of being hired for jobs at multinational corporations. Even at domestic companies, employees with foreign language skills are highly valued. They have the language and business skills to work on exploring emerging markets. These professionals also have the ability to work with a large population of Spanish-speaking clients, employees, and partners. With all of these skills to offer potential employers, graduates can expect to earn a competitive salary upon graduation.

Conclusion on MBA in Spanish

An MBA in Spanish is a Master of Business Administration degree earned from a program that offers at least partial Spanish language instruction. Earning an MBA degree in Spanish is possible at universities in the United States and abroad. A Spanish MBA is an asset in the current business market.

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