5 Fulfilling Careers in Homeland Security

fulfilling careers in homeland security

Homeland security work is all about maintaining a safe and secure country for all citizens and visitors therein. The homeland security job market is a wide one, employing experts in a wide range of contributing disciplines. What are some of the best, non-obscure career options found in this area of employment today? The following five vocations represent some of the best job options in homeland security right now.

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1. Emergency Management Director

Emergency management directors are the professionals who plan and orchestrate various types of preparation and practice for large-scale emergency situations that can happen in society. They also help to facilitate and coordinate emergency services during actual large-scale emergencies. From city and state law enforcement agencies to non-profit organizations, these professionals can be found at work in a variety of locations helping to keep everyone safe.

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2. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers focus their efforts on infrastructural design and construction in areas that affect entire communities and regions. While being employed by private firms and government entities alike, these professionals help build dams, design windmill systems, plan city street layouts, develop emergency-related structural systems, and more. Homeland security as a whole depends on such continuance of services as assured by this class of workers.

3. Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity is one of the newest and also most important areas of homeland security concern these days. As a result, professionals like cybersecurity specialists are in great demand. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Career Outlook Interview Series, these professionals work with computer forensics, IT security assurance, digital risk and compliance, and plenty more.

4. Shipping Inspector

One way in which the government and even private businesses and other organizations help to maintain a secure state of homeland security is through shipping and commerce inspections processes. By monitoring commerce that comes through the nation’s various ports, borders, and other entry points, hidden dangers such as drugs, prohibited biological agents, and even weapons and public health hazards can be found and abated before any real damage in-country can take place. From cars to refrigerated produce and even people themselves, inspections of all kinds require inspectors of all kinds.

5. Information Security Analyst

Today’s information security analyst, as the title suggests, analyzes and otherwise works with information systems in order to ultimately assure their secure use. Like the cybersecurity specialist discussed above, the information security analyst works in the specialty area of cybersecurity found within the greater homeland security field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics specs, these particular workers are experiencing an industry-wide demand rate that is growing at an extraordinary rate of 32-percent.

Homeland security, while itself is a relatively new term, is an ages-old concept revolving around maintaining the safety and security of entire nations. In modern times, this concept has grown to include an exceptionally wide range of specialties and expertise areas. As a result, there is also an awesomely large range of careers one can get into and thus be a part of the greater cybersecurity mission of the nation. These five, above-mentioned careers in homeland security represent some of the best vocational options found here.