5 Most Popular Online Degrees

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College degrees typically translate into bright futures. Today, that future is even easier to come by since you can earn your college degree online. While a number of degrees are available online, five are the most popular. They include:

• Graphic design
• Engineering
• Marketing
• Medical assisting
• Web design

Of course cost is always a concern, and we place a great emphasis on value. So if you want to save money while earning one of these degrees you should check out these affordable online colleges.

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Graphic Design

Employers are interested in job candidates who have a graphic design degree. Companies need people who can create advertising campaigns, promotional displays, memorable logos and marketing brochures. Website development, product packaging and various publications also require the skills of a trained graphic designer.

Associate’s in Graphic Design Online
Graphic Design Degree

To be successful in the field, you must be creative and possess the technical prowess to work with multiple computer programs. You’ll also need business skills to market yourself successfully. Plan to take courses that focus on design layouts, graphics and digital imagery. You’ll also learn about typography and the history of photography and design.


Because of the diversity of the engineering field, this type of degree is one of the most popular. If you decide to earn an engineering degree, you’ll be able to specialize in a number of areas including electrical, civil and industrial. As an engineer, you’ll be solving technical problems, developing functional designs and creating devices.

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This line of work is typically high paying, and many advancement opportunities are available. Engineers work on airplanes and automobiles. Companies that manufacture smartphones and computers also need them to make their products.

If you were the kid who took apart his or her stuff to see how it worked, then this is a good career choice for you.


The rivalry for products and services is colossal. Because of this, most companies are competing with other local businesses for customers. In addition, the Internet has increased the business world’s globalization, which is also boosting competition.

Master’s in Marketing Online
Fast Cheap Master’s in Marketing Online

With marketing experts on the payroll, companies can attract customers by creating effective advertising brochures and developing appealing displays. To be successful in a marketing career, focus on your social media advertising techniques and the best ways to implement search engine optimization. In the job field, you’ll be using your creativity and imagination. You’ll also need good communication skills.

Medical Assisting

In the healthcare field, medical assistants provide clinical and administrative aid. They ready patients for exams and routine laboratory procedures. Medical assistants also take patient histories, maintain records and complete simple procedures. They are an essential part of any healthcare facility.

Because medical assistants perform many basic functions, doctors are able to focus more fully on the needs of their patients. While studying to become a medical assistant, you’ll have the option of earning a diploma. You can also become certified. The training program will teach you how to administer injections, prevent infections and maintain a sanitary work environment.

Web Design

For companies, websites are becoming a necessity. Because of this, web design degrees are one of the most popular educational options. Businesses need web designers to create sites that will attract new customers while delivering helpful information. Many of today’s companies use this tool to sell their products or services.

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To ensure the effectiveness of a site, businesses usually hire web designers. People who work in the industry assess a company’s needs to develop a personalized website design. In this line of work, you’ll need to determine what should be featured on a site and how to display this information. The job field requires creativity and technological skills.

Setting Your Eye on the Future

By choosing to earn one of the five most popular online degrees, you’ll have the skills to work for various companies in most of today’s top industries. An online degree will show your potential employers that your career is important to you.

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