5 Scholarships for Students Studying Agriculture

Scholarships are the most popular and efficient way to pay for higher education, as they are essentially financial donations towards your education that you pay back through your resulting skills rather than with your pocket book. Many scholarships reserved for use by students entering specific career fields go unused, because do not know where to look for them. This article will provide you with 5 agriculture scholarships designated exclusively to agriculture students.

1. United States Department of Agriculture

The USDA is committed to perpetuating the agricultural health of our nation by providing financial assistance to future generations of agricultural professionals. They offer five scholarships, one including an internship opportunity, to students of diverse background studying in a variety of areas within the agricultural field. Visit this page to explore the scholarships available from USDA.

2. Professional Associations

Another great source for financial assistance is to go through professional associations, both local and federal. To get you inspired, two of the nation’s leading associations providing agriculture scholarships are 1st Farm Credit Services and The United Agribusiness League. These two associations combined donate over $75,000 annually to agriculture students. Becoming a student member of various associations is generally affordable, opens up additional doors for earning scholarship funds, and provides an excellent platform for professional networking.

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3. Future Farmers of America

One of the most prominent agricultural professional associations to explore is FFA. They are also one of the leading organizations willing to provide financial assistance, offering almost 2,000 scholarships to both members and nonmembers. Their contributions amount to almost 3 million dollars annually. Applying for their scholarships is a great way to begin your involvement with the FFA, something that will help you progress more quickly through your future career. Explore their website to find out more.

4. Annie’s Sustainable Agricultural Scholarship

Annie’s, one of the nation’s leading producers of organic food, has begun giving back by providing an annual scholarship to assist students in building careers centered around sustainable agricultural. Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply, and the scholarship may be put towards a wide variety of degree programs. Annie’s donates over $100,000 annually to this cause. This is an excellent scholarship for students who enjoy sharing their personal stories about their visions for the future, as this is the basis of the application. For more information, visit their website.

5. True Leaf Market Award

True Leaf Market is another company sponsoring agricultural students. They offer $1000 awards in an effort to make a positive contribution to creating healthy agricultural practices. Undergraduate and graduate students in wide varieties of degree program. This scholarship is perfect for students who are passionate about agricultural sciences and also possess a creative flare. One way to apply is by writing a biography about a plant of your choice, while a second way is to create a video tutorial. Visit their website for more information about how to apply and examples of successful applications.

In today’s society students need a college education to earn a decent wage, but they need a decent wage to pay for a college education. Scholarships are the most efficient way to escape this paradox. Students in specialized fields of study, such as agricultural sciences, have a more challenging time finding scholarships they are eligible for, but with these 5 tips, you will soon be on your way to funding your agricultural education.

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