Top 5 Political Science Podcasts

political science podcasts

A person who is studying political science needs to stay up-to-date on the news, lines of thought and current stars, and one way to do this is by listening to the top podcasts for political science. Majors in political science may want to expose themselves to different lines of thought, and podcasts are an easy way to do this. Each of these podcasts offers a different take on political science and related topics.

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1. Data Skeptic

The Data Skeptic podcast features topics such as artificial intelligence, data analysis, survey design, sampling methods, machine learning and statistical software packages and coding techniques. Political science students will need to be aware of these topics because data analysis, trend reporting, and algorithms are increasingly important. Social media, polling and other parts of politics rely on these areas of data science. These topics are relevant to the data science and statistics classes that political science students will take.

Featured Programs

2. Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics Radio takes a look at all types of economics and political topics. Students should enjoy this podcast because it is not too technical, and there is a wide range of topics. Each podcast session is about 20 minutes long. The hosts are conversational, and they often interview political and economic experts in order to get their opinions or original research. Freakonomics Radio is a free podcast on Stitcher.

3. NPR One

NPR One offers hourly news briefs. Part of being a student of political science is analyzing political trends, explains the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This podcast allows students to keep up with trends in both news and politics. It is straightforward and without commentary. This allows the student to get the raw view instead of a politicized one. This podcast only takes a few minutes to listen to, making it ideal for breaks between classes during a school day.

4. The Axe Files

The Axe Files podcast is hosted by David Axelrod, who is a political commentator on television. This podcast examines one politician per episode. The politician’s history, role, voting record, and opinions are discussed. In many of The Axe Files podcast episodes, the host interviews the politician. These podcast episodes go in depth about the politician’s character, values, background, future plans and more. When it is campaign season, The Axe Files often interviews competitors in different races either in the same podcast or in back-to-back episodes.

5. PBS News Hour

The PBS News Hour podcast has the longest episodes out of the top five podcasts for political science majors. It takes a look at local, state and national political and economic news. During the campaign season, it focuses on the different races that are noteworthy or that might change the course of politics in a particular place. PBS News Hour does not have a lot of commentary. It is fully funded by the public broadcast system and available at no cost.

Each of these five podcasts for political science majors offers a fresh perspective. Whether a student has five minutes or an hour a day to listen to these, they each provide information about political trends, current events, politicians, policies and more. Students could easily listen to a few episodes of these top five political science podcasts while walking to class, commuting to or from campus or exercising, making it easy to stay up-to-date on political science trends and themes.