5 Most Popular Online Graduate Degrees

Studying for your graduate degree online can be the best way to get ahead. Online study options give you added versatility and reduced costs, making them perfect for career advancement. Many of these master’s degrees can be earned in under one year online. If you are thinking about your graduate degree online, here are the five most popular choices.

1. Education

Qualified teachers will always find jobs, which is one reason why so many people have chosen to study for advanced education degrees. Students who already have an undergraduate degree can pursue a graduate degree in education to make a transition to teaching. Those who are already teachers need to pursue graduate degrees in order to continue moving up the pay scale.

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Online degree programs can be catered to a teacher’s busy schedule with additional study opportunities in the summer as well. Specific degree programs can relate to curriculum, instruction, special education, early childhood education and more.

2. Business

The business world is competitive, and a master of business administration degree can be a useful tool to get ahead. Graduate level business degrees are extremely popular in online study programs, giving people in many different industries the edge they need to move ahead. Students can consider a graduate degree in marketing, finance, accounting, information systems, database management and more.

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Students who successfully complete an online graduate degree in business can expect a significant increase in pay and far more job opportunities in management and beyond.

3. Healthcare

Healthcare is a demanding field with ample opportunities. While entry level positions are available, a graduate degree can be a powerful tool to advance. Advanced degrees in healthcare administration are especially popular and versatile. This degree can prepare students to work in administration or as a manager since it offers training in business, finance and other important fields. It can also be used to get work crafting policy or consulting.

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Other graduate degrees in healthcare can include advanced nursing degrees. Nurses who complete higher degrees can expand their career options and earn more money than their peers.

4. Public Administration

Careers that serve the public are in high demand. An online graduate degree in public administration or other social services can empower students in a variety of industries. These degrees can prepare students for work in the government or other organizations that serve the public good. Public health degrees are particularly popular since these degrees focus on the growing health demands in the modern era.

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Criminal justice and social work are other noteworthy choices that are closely related to public administration. These careers are in desperate need of qualified and committed candidates, which is why a graduate degree can be the key toward a fulfilling job.

5. Psychology

Psychology degrees are related to healthcare, but they serve a more specific niche. With a graduate degree in psychology, students are poised for positions in a number of clinical contexts. Since these degrees cover a variety of psychological theories and practices, students can even take this knowledge into the corporate setting.

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Graduate degrees in psychology are good for motivational trainers, leadership experts and human resource managers. This type of degree even has applications in social services and educational facilities, making it an exceptionally versatile degree choice. Online degrees are even available at the doctorate level, which can enable students to pursue high level research positions. Don’t forget about non-clinical applications like organizational psychology.

Online degrees are flexible and powerful, giving students from all walks of life the educational opportunities they need to get ahead. These popular online graduate degrees are available at many respected schools, which is why they are superb choices for your career advancement.

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