5 Jobs with a Degree in Biosystems Engineering

Those who earn a Biosystems engineering degree typically focus their careers on the environment. However, instead of taking up residence in a tree to save the Earth, these planet champions use their education and natural talents to come up with environmentally friendly fuel sources or new ways to preserve water. With this degree, you can work for a variety of companies. You can also hold different kinds of jobs. Five of the top biosystems engineering jobs include:

• Research laboratory engineer
• United States Forest Service specialist
• Food processing consultant
• Utility company professional
• Environmental agency advisor

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Research Laboratory Engineer

Biosystems engineers often hold jobs that have ties to biology. As a research laboratory engineer, you may wind up working on the sustainability of biofuels, biomaterials and bioactive molecules. To do this, you’ll be using metabolic processes that naturally occur in nature as well as green technologies. In this line of work, you could develop sustainable communities by planning methods for retaining storm water. You may also work on ways to grow ecologically sound food and crop production. Because science is moving toward the biosciences, those with a degree in Biosystems engineering will be a needed asset in the career area.

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United States Forest Service Specialist

The U.S. Forest Service is responsible for more than 5,000 drinking water systems that range from simple wells operated by a hand pump to water treatment plants. These systems supply the drinking water at a number of facilities and recreational sites. With your degree in Biosystems engineering, it may be your job to check these water systems for hazardous waste. If you decide to seek a forest service job, you may work on erosion and sediment control to prevent dangerous flooding. You may also be responsible for providing technical assistance for those who work in forest service management.

Food Processing Consultant

With your Biosystems engineering degree, the food industry will be interested in hiring you. Because biology merges with engineering principles in this field, you may be working to ensure that food is developed safely for human consumption. Biosystems engineers also design technology and production processes that are able to identify and remove human pathogens from food items. You may look for ways to produce environmentally friendly packaging or safer techniques for storing food. With this degree, you’ll also be qualified to work in the agricultural sector to develop and distribute crops in a way that’s better for the planet. Companies that employ people with this degree include those that process food and prescription drugs.

Utility Company Professional

If you decide to work for a utility company with your Biosystems engineering degree, then plan to develop, design and participate in the construction of facilities and operations. You may need to determine the environmental impact of a new project or complete a field investigation of an old one to verify that it is operating properly and according to standards. You must be comfortable with the computer-aided side of engineering as well as with drafting software. To work for a utility company successfully, you’ll need to be detail-oriented and interested in improving operations.

Environmental Agency Advisor

When you gain employment through an environmental consulting agency, you’ll likely work with government entities and private firms. Make sure that you have a comprehensive understanding of OSHA regulations and know the proper way to store and handle dangerous chemicals. This line of work may also require you to plan and design municipal or industrial water systems. With your Biosystems engineering degree, you’ll have the educational background to conduct research studies as well as make presentations about the results of your findings. Be prepared to offer official recommendations regarding the environment and look for Earth friendly ways to solve problems.

A Degree with Flexibility

With a Biosystems engineering degree, you can work with many different companies to protect the Earth and its inhabitants. For success in this field, you’ll need good communication skills and a willingness to work with others. Not only will this line of work likely fulfill you, but it also comes with a comfortable salary.

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