5 Great Ways to Prepare for the SAT

It is essential to do a thorough SAT Prep in order to have your pick of colleges. There are many techniques you can use to prepare for this exam. Unfortunately, not all of them will yield the desired results. These five SAT preparation techniques will help you get started. Most of these tips are easier to implement than you think.

Read a Lot

There are five dense and long passages you will be expected to analyze in the SAT exam. It is not that the passages are difficult and challenging. They are straightforward and easier to handle if you do a lot of reading.

It is advisable you concentrate on nonfiction reading. This is important because four of the five passages you will tackle are nonfiction. Pick up a magazine from reputable publishers, such as the New York Times, New Yorker, Washington Post or Huffington Post and make it a habit of reading everyday. You can also try classics such as The Hobbit, Slaughterhouse or Wuthering Heights. Look up on the meaning of words and phrases you are not familiar with as you read.

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Take a Practice Test

Take at least two practice tests before the actual exam to determine whether you have grasped anything. The duration of the practice tests should be similar to the one in the actual test. One test should be towards the beginning of your study program and the other one towards the end. It is good one of these tests be done on paper, which is how the actual SAT will be administered. Doing practice tests will help you become familiar with the actual format of the SAT. It will give you a realistic sense of how long the exam will take and where you tend to get tired and mentally exhausted. You will also learn how to pace yourself when it comes to time and identify which sections you need to do more work on.

Understand the Test

It is very important you know the rules of the test. For example, in a SAT exam, you get points when you give the correct answer. However, it is not automatic that you will lose points for giving an incorrect answer. In a scenario where you are not sure about the answer on the math section, you can just guess because there will be no point subtracted for giving an incorrect answer. In addition, SAT questions are arranged based on the difficulty level. The hardest questions usually come at the bottom and the simplest at the top. Knowing this can help you strategize by spending less time on questions at the beginning of the paper. This will allow you to save some sufficient time for the challenging questions at the bottom.

Use Good Study Materials

There are several study materials out there. Some of them will help you get the best out of your study while others will hurt your score by not providing you with questions that represent the actual test. The ideal place where you can get a good study material for the SAT test is the College Board’s website. Here, you will find the latest edition of the SAT study guide. The board’s blog also has tons of excellent materials, particularly for grammar and vocabulary.

Do Not Cram

Cramming is a very bad idea when preparing for your SATs. It may seem like you are retaining a lot of information while doing it. But within a few days or weeks, the information will vanish. Instead of cramming, read at least everyday until you sit for the exam. Review what you have read a few times a week. You will find it much easier for you to remember many things when you are re-exposed to the information you recently learned.

Preparing for your test is not a challenging process like most people think. It basically boils down to the five SAT prep tips mentioned above.

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