5 Great Blogs for Industrial Designers

blogs for industrial designer
Image of industrial designers for our list of great blogs for industrial designers

Staying in touch with other designers helps people to feel connected, and these five great blogs for industrial designers are an easy way to do this. Most of these blogs get updated multiple times each week, ensuring that the content is fresh and timely. Industrial designers and students working on a degree in this field should plan to read one or more of these five great blogs for industrial designers.

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1. SolidSmack

The SolidSmack blog focuses on product design, engineering, and technology. Some of the topics of the posts include CAD, 3D printing and design and FAB. There are also posts featuring interviews of prominent industrial designers and engineers. Some of the blog posts cover industry news and special events, such as conferences and expos that might be of interest to an industrial designer. This blog has about 10 to 15 new posts each week, so it is a good one for finding fresh content.

2. Design Sojourn

Design Sojourn is a blog by Brian Lang. It focuses on innovative design ideas and strategies. This is a good blog to follow if an industrial designer is looking for fresh ideas and creative designs that are outside of what they usually do or see. The blogger shares his ideas on what makes a good design and some strategies for planning and executing a good design process. This blog also covers different types of clever products in the marketplace and how they went from idea to reality.

3. Fuel Your Product Design

Anyone interested in industrial product design, product design or warehouse design should read the Fuel Your Product Design blog. This blog explores a lot of design topics, including 3D printers, small-scale production design, and green design and production services. Some of the past blog posts have discussed customization, reducing costs without sacrificing quality and how to find room for a 3D printer in a small design firm’s budget. This blog does not have dates on its posts, but a lot of the information is evergreen.

4. Yanko Design Modern Industrial Design News

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, industrial designers need to keep up-to-date with current software for design, technology, and apps for designing, market research and more. The Yank Design Modern Industrial Design News blog is a good one for these activities. This blog has about 28 new posts per week. It is focused on news, gadgets, tools, software, and innovation in industrial design and engineering.

5. Design News – Serving the 21st Century Design Engineer

Industrial designers and engineers should take a regular look at this blog. It offers topics such as electronic systems, prototype testing, design automation, and control systems, design materials and assembly systems and design hardware and software. There are frequent guest posts, which allow readers to get a fresh perspective or gain some insight into how a well-known industrial designer got their start or how they stay motivated in the field.

These industrial design blogs offer tips, advice, anecdotes, funny stories, guidance, and some humor. Industrial designers who feel stuck might also find some inspiration or motivation by reading through these blogs. Taking the time to read one or more of these five great industrial design blogs is a good way to spend a little bit of downtime.