5 Accreditation Organizations for Business Degrees

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Earning a business degree is one of the best ways to make finding a job after graduation easier, but all business degrees are not the same. Accreditation boards require schools to meet strict quality standards to ensure that students are receiving a top-notch education. A degree from an accredited university is often worth more to an employer than the same degree from an unaccredited program. Here are five organizations that provide accreditations to business schools. These are an important factor in deciding whether or not a business degree is worth it for you.

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

The ACBSP aims to improve business school programs across the country by requiring member schools to consistently make changes to enhance the learning experience. One of the cornerstones of ACBSP accreditation is research; professors who teach at accredited schools must pursue research opportunities and contribute to collective business knowledge on a regular basis. The organization believes that focusing on excellence in teaching will provide the best outcomes for students in accredited programs.

Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB) – Business Accreditation

The AACSB offers a business accreditation to academic institutions that offer undergraduate and graduate business programs. Universities that apply for accreditation will first be required to undergo an evaluation that determines whether the school’s policies and structure comply with AACSB requirements. Ethical integrity is essential for AACSB member schools, and institutions are required to reapply every five years to ensure that the schools are still eligible for accreditation.

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Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB) – Accounting Accreditation

The AACSB also offers an accreditation membership that specifically applies to accounting programs. Institutions that would like to become accredited go through the same application process as is required for business school accreditation, but a greater focus will be aimed at the school’s accounting programs. Approximately 180 schools have earned this distinction, so students have the opportunity to set themselves apart by attending a school with AACSB accounting accreditation.


International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)

The IACBE is an international organization that offers accreditation to the top business programs around the world. The accrediting organization has been evaluating programs since 1997, and the rise of the global economy has given the IACBE an important role in ensuring that business school students around the world receive a high-quality education. The IACBE has been recognized as an accrediting organization by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) since 2011.

Planning Accreditation Board (PAB)

The PAB is not specifically responsible for accrediting business programs, but PAB accreditation can go hand-in-hand with business programs for those who would like to work in planning administration. The PAB aims to create connections between academic planning programs and professionals in the field to ensure that the next generation of urban planners has the knowledge needed to successfully plan growing communities. Attending a school that has earned PAB accreditation and a business program accreditation makes students marketable when they are searching for employment.

Earning a business degree is a great way to improve job prospects in the future, but it is important to choose a school that has the right credentials. Schools that are accredited by one of the organizations outlined above have worked to ensure their curriculum adheres to strict quality standards. Students who attend accredited business schools can be sure that they are receiving a well-rounded education from a top institution.