Free Community College Classes for New Hampshire Students This Summer

free community college

New Hampshire community college students have FAFSA delays to thank for the free courses they’ll be taking this summer.

Through the new Summer’s On Us program, two-year schools across the state will be offering students two free summer classes when they sign up for Fall enrollment.

Vice chancellor of the Community College Systems of New Hampshire Chuck Lloyd says the FAFSA delay might encourage more enrollment: “We’re seeing a lot of indecision from students who might typically go out of state or otherwise. We’re getting a lot of phone calls, because we are going to be rolling FAFSA come May 1. So, students are staying local and coming to our community colleges across the state.”

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid has caused even more problems than usual this year due to technical glitches during the rollout of a new, “simplified” application. Experts are worried that delays with the new FAFSA could negatively impact college enrollment across the board.

New Hampshire community college representatives are asking students to come in for help filling out the FAFSA. “But the best advice we’re giving students is give us a call, come register. We’re going to help you pay for college, particularly with that ‘Summer’s on Us’ program to offer free courses this summer,” says Vice Chancellor Lloyd.

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New Hampshire community college students must first fill out the FAFSA in order to determine eligibility before receiving free summer tuition. Hybrid and online classes are available, meaning students can access coursework from anywhere they decide to travel this summer.

Full-time Fall enrollment isn’t necessary. Students may be eligible for free courses this summer with a minimum of just 9 credit hours. This equates to just two or three courses, depending on the classes.