Will an Internship Add Value to My College Education?


Before you consider an internship requirement for your degree as a deal breaker, you should learn about the value of an internship. Many students shy away from programs that require them to spend a period of time interning because it may take away from social time during semester breaks or extend the period of time it takes to earn a degree. Even internships that can be completed for college credit can be intimidating to students with no professional experience.

While it does take commitment and may require more time, completing an internship can benefit you while you are in college and in the future as well. Read on, and learn more about what the return on your investment of time will be once you complete a relevant internship assignment.

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Internships Make Your Degrees More Valuable Following Graduation

In the past, earning your bachelor’s degree was enough to secure a position the job market rather quickly. Now, with the supply of graduates expected to rise by 30 percent, you need more than just your undergraduate degree to get traction on your job search. By choosing to partake in an internship, you can increase your chances of standing out from your peers to find a meaningful job. Completing a project shows your dedication and also shows that you have professional experience in a workplace setting. When employers want a candidate with practical skills, this pre-professional experience that will certainly payoff.

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Reducing the Time It Takes to Find Meaningful Employment

You cannot predict when the employment market will suffer and when unemployment rates will be high. While it is not ideal, many students have opted to work in a field unrelated to their degree because they simply cannot find positions they are qualified for in their field of studies. Since students have an average of $29,400 in debt after graduation, they have no choice but to take what they are offered after months of applying to dream jobs.

It is taking the average graduate between 3 and 9 months to find a job when they complete school, and many of the offers are not what the student imagined they would be. When applicants have an internship on their resume, they can show that they are ready for employment. This reduces the time it takes to be gainfully employed and may even eliminate the job search entirely if they are hired right out of school.

Applying the Classroom Curriculum to a Professional Setting

While classes are an important part of learning, the scope of what you can do is limited. You can role play and complete projects to learn about the professional world, but nothing is quite like being in the workplace with an authentic role. By interning, you can jump-start your career by applying what you have learned in an organic way. In many cases, you can earn credit while you get the tools that you need to succeed.

Completing an internship is beneficial even when it is not a graduation requirement. If you want to build a strong resume and confidence all at the same time, review the opportunities in your area. If you apply, interview well, and show off your abilities, the value of an internship will shine when you get a job offer before you even complete your degree program.


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