What Is Food Technology?

Much of the variety of food you eat is possible thanks to food technology. The food industry is the largest manufacturing industry in the US. Food technology is the branch of science that deals with food production. Scientists who work in food tech get foods you eat from the grower to the store, and ensure success in every step of the manufacturing process. There are food scientists working to properly prepare seeds for packaging, working in the fields, in laboratories, in factories, and elsewhere.

what is food technology

What is Food Science?

Food science is a field where a lot of important work is accomplished! Scientists work to enhance the nutritional value of food in many ways to benefit the consumers it serves. Food scientists also improve the steps and methods of manufacturing including preservation, storage, and product development. Food technology is a blanket term for every aspect of the food science field including: growth, cultivation, production, distribution, and food processing.

How can I get a job in Food Science and Technology?

A successful food scientist will have a diverse and rich collegiate background. Undergraduate studies will include physics, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, agriculture, engineering, statistics, and data analysis; as well as the other core curriculum required to earn a college degree.

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Some members of the food science and technology field stop their education once they earn a Bachelor’s degree. Others choose to go on and earn Master’s degrees or shoot for the stars and earn their Doctorate.

Even with a college diploma, there may be certain levels of certifications required to enter the food science workforce, including certifications that require board level testing.

What jobs are available in Food Science and Technology?

There are many food science in food science and technology jobs available to individuals at many different levels of study. Jobs include: food scientist, food inspector, food technologist, food and drug inspector, food science technician, food manufacturer, food manufacturing specialist, farmer, produce manager, field manager, and more.

Is there job stability in Food Science and Technology?

by 2022 the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that jobs within food science and technology will grow by 11%. New foods and new technology, as well as new safety measures, will cause the need for food scientists and technologists to steadily rise for decades to come. As for salary, the BLS reported the May 2015 median annual salary of food scientist to be $65,840. Jobs in the field are available and lucrative!

Is a career in food science right for me?

If you have the natural gift of curiosity and are interested in the way food is grown, processed, and distributed, working in food science may be the perfect path for you to travel career-wise! Many food scientists choose this career because they want to positively influence the way food is made. Regardless of motivation, food science and technology is a promising career choice that brings with it growth, advancement, and success for the future.

If you like natural science and agriculture and want to improve the foods we consume every day, look for food technology programs near you, today!