Is There Any Value to Attending College in a Small Town?

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You may think that there are no differences between a large college city and a small college town. Even though institutions in both areas offer similar accredited degrees, your college experience can be dramatically different when you are in a quieter area or a tight-knit community. If you are trying to debate whether you should stay in your small town to attend college or if moving to the big city will benefit you, you should see where the value lies. There may be special perks to earning your degree in a college town that has a small population. Find out where there is a unique value and then you can decide if the pros outweigh the drawbacks.

Lower Tuition Costs in Small Towns

Perhaps the biggest upside to attending college in a small town is that the tuition costs are much lower. If you are going to attend school close to your home, you will enjoy the benefit of paying an in-state resident tuition instead of being charged a great deal more for coming from out of state. This means that your student debt will be lower and your degree will still perceived well as long as you attend a school with accreditation. Lower tuition is not the only money-saving turn. You can also stay at home to eliminate lodging costs, spend less on food, and keep your living expenses down if you do rent a student property. Attending college does not have to cost you a fortune.

You Can Enjoy Small Town Life and Not the Big City Distractions

You attend college to study and to learn skills that will help you in the professional world. Unfortunately, many students focus on the party life that can distract them from their coursework. When you attend college in small town, the distractions that are present in big cities will not be as readily available. When are only a few places to dine, everyone knows each other, and most people walk from their home to school, parties are often less extreme. Since the party scene is limited, you will most definitely get your work done if you are committed.

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Many Rural Students Will Participate More in College Activities

Admissions councils to graduate schools and employers look at several different things on your resume. Your grades and the classes that you take will have a big impact, but so will your community involvement. In small college towns, you are much more likely to participate and be active in student body events or clubs. You will enjoy a great sense of community and you can experience what it is like to be independent while you still feel like you have a support system.

So many students focus on selecting the right major or degree program that they overlook the importance of selecting a school in the right setting. If you like fast-paced environments and you want to have access to all types of attractions, it might be best to choose an urban setting in a popular college town. If, however, you are more geared towards the quiet setting where everyone’s face is familiar, then you should look at rural colleges. Not every small college town is the same. Be sure that you tour the prospective colleges on your list so that you can decide which is the best fit.