Is a Bachelor’s in English a Good Value?

bachelor's in English

You may be a lover of words or passionate about literature, but your family and friends have probably told you that you’ll never find a job and make any money with a bachelor’s degree in English. For the past several years, public attention related to higher education has been focused on practical and hands-on skills leading to employment in a specific position, rather than attributes such as critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills.

However, employers are still looking for job candidates who hold these transferable skills that cross industry boundaries and are useful in various fields. That’s why a degree in English actually is a good value. An English program, and other liberal studies degrees, can form a strong foundation for a variety of careers. Let’s take a look at just some of the jobs your English degree can prepare you for.


Featured Programs

Media and Journalism

A bachelor’s in English transitions well into a career in journalism or media in which writing is a primary focus. Your education in proper written communication style, combined with emphasis on analytical and research skills, will make you a perfect candidate to contribute to a newspaper, television or even online outlet. The avenues you can pursue related to writing for the public are numerous.

Nonprofit and Fundraising

Working in the non-profit sector, and fundraising in general, requires strong and competent communication skills. Often, there is a need for professionals in these areas to appeal to others for contributions to and assistance with their cause. Rallying and uniting large groups toward one mission is also a common goal in such work. Therefore, your ability to communicate and persuade through both written and verbal methods will be appreciated in these industries.


Becoming an attorney requires an advanced degree in law. English is a wonderful foundation program for that degree because it provides a number of the assets that are needed to become a competent lawyer. As an English major, you’ll learn how to convincingly argue a persuasive case, how to research a problem from all angles and how to effectively communicate your position. These are all necessary skills for a lawyer in any specialty area.


Sales is another career based on communication and persuasion. It’s also an ever-growing and expanding industry with a variety of possibilities to pursue. Being able to plan an approach, analyze data and prepare reports are important skills in the sales industry. Sales people must communicate with intended clientele or customers, as well as with co-workers and superiors in order to excel and continue earning in such a competitive field. A bachelor’s degree in English is provides a strong base for this type of job. The particular sales strategies and product or service details can be learned and honed as you go.

These aren’t nearly all of the careers an English degree can prepare you for, but they are a small list to get you thinking and to demonstrate that a bachelor’s degree in English is a good value for your money.