How Is the Job Outlook for Homeland Security?

homeland security job outlook

Since 9/11, an increasing number of people have pursued careers in different aspects of homeland security. You may be interested in joining them in undertaking a career in some sort of profession under the broader umbrella of homeland security. With this in mind, you understandably may find yourself interested in learning more about the job outlook in homeland security.

General Outlook for Employment in Homeland Security

As will be discussed in a bit more detail in a moment, in considering the overall employment outlook in homeland security a person needs to consider the different careers in this area. With that said, overall the job outlook for homeland security over the course of the coming decade is optimistic.

Generally speaking, when aggregating the careers in homeland security, the rate of growth of homeland security careers overall will be ahead of the job marketplace more broadly between now and 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Indeed, evidence suggests that this rate of growth will continue beyond 2028.

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Homeland Security Professions Generally

As noted, homeland security is a broad category of jobs, careers, and professions. As a collective, these jobs focus on different aspects of preparing for, preventing, and reacting and responding to emergency or crisis situations. These include catastrophic weather events, medical epidemics and pandemics, and terrorism.

On the federal level alone, a notable number of agencies employ women and men in different homeland security positions.

  • Citizenship and Immigration Services,
  • Customs and Border Protection,
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency,
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center,
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement,
  • Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection Directorate,
  • Office of the Inspector General,
  • Science and Technology Directorate,
  • Secretarial Offices,
  • Transportation and Security Administration,
  • U.S. Coast Guard, and
  • U.S. Secret Service.

In addition to careers in different aspects of homeland security on the federal level is a spectrum of jobs available on the local and state levels of government. There are also positions of employment under the homeland security career umbrella in the private sector as well.

A significant number of specific careers are expected to experience growth in the homeland security arena during the coming decade. This list is something of an iceberg tip but is intended to illustrate the diversity of jobs under the Homeland Security umbrella that have optimistic growth projections heading into the next 10 years.

  • Asylum officer,
  • Immigration officer,
  • Border Patrol agent,
  • Immigration enforcement agent,
  • Security specialist,
  • Telecommunications specialist,
  • Criminal investigator,
  • Engineer,
  • Attorney,
  • Biological Scientist, and
  • Chemist.

These types of positions can be found at federal and even state government agencies. Indeed, there are some local government agencies that also have some of these types of jobs available as well. There are also some availabilities in the private sector as well.

In the final analysis, if a person is inclined to pursue some sort of job in the homeland security arena, this is a good time to enter this employment sector. A decent to strong number of positions are available today and are expected to be so into the foreseeable future.