How Can I Make the Most of My Degree in Business Administration?

When you study for four or more years to earn a degree in business administration, your primary goal is to make the most of your degree following your graduation. The value of any degree, no matter what you choose to major in, is entirely dependent on what you do after you walk the line and begin to become and active employee or entrepreneur in the workforce. This is why anyone who is studying to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree should prepare themselves for life after graduation while they are still business administration students. If you truly want to use your degree and get the biggest return on your investment of time and money, here are some tips to consider.

Uncover Your Career Potential Following Graduation

Unlike some degree programs, where you are limited in the fields where you can pursue positions, degrees in business can become a pass to enter a wide range of different fields and industries. One of the first steps that you should take while you are a nearing the end of your program is to review your job options and potential occupations where your degree will qualify you.

Some of the career paths that you can travel down when you are studying for an associates degree in administration include: executive assistant, payroll clerk, marketing assistant and benefits clerk. If you move on to earning a bachelor’s degree, you can pursue positions like: compensation manager, sales manager, business manager, project manager, analyst, accountant and procurement. Those with a graduate degree are qualified to hold positions in business development, education, strategic operations and business analysis.

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Learn About the Highest Earning Administration Roles

If you place value in your future salary, the next step as you are sifting through the career paths is to learn which administration or business management positions pay the most. Most individuals who attend college are striving to become a degree holder to increase their lifetime earning potential. If a higher income equals more value, this is the type of position that you should work towards. Currently, some of the highest paying titles that business administration majors are holding after getting professional experience include: Information Systems Manager, Administrative Services Managers, Marketing Managers, Promotions Managers, Engineering Managers, Architectural Managers, Benefits Managers, Construction Managers and Financial Managers.

Use Your Connections While You Are in School to Your Advantage

Most reputable schools have many different student resources that help them while they are in school or while they are seeking employment. You should visit your school’s career center, get help writing your resume, and speak with clubs at school to find out when there are hiring events. Another tip is to connect with the faculty and to make their connections part of your network. If you prove yourself in class, your professors should have no problem helping you get your foot in the door with someone in their network. Knowing someone who is aware of your drive is the best way to get attention.

Students who decide to earn their degree in business administration tend to find jobs more quickly than other majors when they market themselves. Since there are so many fields that are looking for business graduates, this is a smart and valuable degree to earn. Make sure you make the most out of your business administration degree and consider the tips above.