Does the Geographical Location of My College Affect the Value of My Degree?

When you are trying to decide which colleges you should apply to, college location is most likely a priority on the list. If you want to attend a college where you can stay at home with your parents, you will need to find a college or university with a local campus. If, however, you would prefer to experience new parts of the country where you can experience a new way of life in a new climate, you may not be as limited in your options. You can narrow down the list of options by looking at different factors that may be equally as important, but you should never forget how the school that you choose can affect the value of your formal degree.

The entire purpose of earning a degree is to help you gain the knowledge, technical skill, and practical skill that you need to find gainful employment and to begin a career. The value of a degree is evaluated based on the opportunities it will present, how the degree is perceived by employers, and your earning potential. If you would like to know if geographic location will have any affect on the degree that you earn in school, read on and find out when location matters.

The Location Can Affect the Value of Your College Experience

College is where you learn about yourself and where you develop your own sense of being. Earning a degree at an institution that borders the Pacific Ocean may not change the worth of the degree that is earned in the mid-west, but the setting will most definitely have an affect on your college experience. Your college experience can really shape adulthood.

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If you attend a college where the population is known to be adventurous and you are looking for comfort, you may experience culture shock that affects your likelihood of graduating. This is why picking where you go to college will actually matter. The happier you are with your experiences, the better your probability to graduate and to benefit from being a degree holder.

Degrees Are Perceived Equally Domestically From Coast to Coast

The regional area of the school that you attended is not going to change an employer’s perception of you as a graduate and a candidate. The reputation of the institution and whether or not the school is accredited will be considered, but the actual territory where you attended school will not take away value or add to it.

Earning a Degree Overseas Can Hold More Value in Some Industries

If you are tempted to study in a foreign country, you should always verify that your units will transfer and that the school is accredited by an agency in the US. Some employers would prefer a candidate who has been immersed in a new culture and who has taken the initiative to get out of their comfort zone. Others are skeptical of the educational standards for technical skill in foreign countries.

The value of a college degree goes beyond just the financial aspect. In addition to increasing your earning potential, you can extend your life expectancy and gain self confidence by earning a formal degree. Be sure to compare each college location, review the accreditation status of each option, and only then can you start to make a selection.