Can I Study Political Science Online?

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Political Science has been a popular college major for many decades. While online learning has not been around quite as long, this option is, in fact, growing in both popularity and possibility. When taking the following factors into consideration, one can study political science online and graduate with a plethora of continuing education and career possibilities.


Even the highest quality online political science programs tend to be more affordable than their traditional brick-and-mortar counterparts. There are no campus life fees or costs related to maintaining a physical campus. It cuts down on transportation, parking, and meals away from home. Remote study also allows for working parents and other types of caregivers to save money on daycare for their loved ones. One way to ensure that costs are cut for these reasons, rather than sacrificing the quality of education is to compare the cost breakdowns of online programs with traditional programs. Students at accredited online programs are eligible for all of the same financial aid options as students at traditional schools.


Online study provides students with a great deal of flexibility. It allows for working part- or even full-time while earning a degree. It allows busy parents and caregivers to but both their dependents and their own dreams first simultaneously. It is great for individuals who are happy in their current careers but wish to enhance their roles or earning potential through a political science degree. Some students earn their bachelor’s degrees online to test out their interest in political science and then apply for traditional master’s programs once they know what career path they want to take. Other students complete traditional bachelor’s programs and then choose to complete graduate school online so that they can simultaneously gain experience in entry-level positions.

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Choosing the Best Program

Not all online programs are created equal. Political science is deeply grounded in various social interactions, so it is important to look for an online program that builds in networking with professors and other peers. Look for a program that includes periodic face-to-face events and requires the use of discussion boards and video conferencing. It is beneficial to connect with professors during the application and ask them how they implement and facilitate connectivity in a remote setting. All accredited online programs must demonstrate a commitment to academic integrity and quality. US News offers this guide to assessing the accreditation status of online programs. Politics is more global than ever these days. Another concern students might have is access to something like an affordable and unique study abroad program that can provide them with an international experience. Thankfully there are high quality online programs that offer just that.

Valuable Skill Set

All political science careers have one thing in common: they demand a high degree of self-sufficiency. To succeed in political science, one must be an expert at time management, multi-tasking, and motivating oneself in the face of adversity. Earning a degree online demands students demonstrate all of these skills in a way that traditional education does not. This is one reason to consider studying political science online and provides a great talking point for future job applications and interviews.

Whether one dreams of becoming President of the United States, serving as an attorney for a small non-profit, or infinite options in between, political science degree programs lay the foundation for a wide variety of career paths. As one of the most popular college majors, there are many programs available to study political science. As long as one does the research to find an accredited program, it is possible to enjoy the affordability and flexibility of online learning and graduate with a valuable political science degree.