Are Film Studies Degree Programs Competitive?

Film Studies

When students look into participating in film studies programs, some of them are shocked at how competitive those programs are. While many jobs in films are not typically seen as being financially lucrative, people involved in the film industry are drawn to the creative nature of the field. Those involved in a groundbreaking film, for example, can have an impact on future generations – and might even help change society.

Students in film studies programs are not locked into actually making films. Some graduates go on to find work as film critics or journalists who cover the entertainment industry. Others find themselves drawn into advertising and marketing.

In addition, there are those who become film editors, as well as cinematographers and even musical directors. Still, others find themselves combining their film studies with accounting and working in the field of motion picture and television financing.

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Competition and Camaraderie

One of the main reasons that film studies programs are competitive is because the industry itself is so competitive. At the same time, students also discover how to work with diverse individuals in order to complete projects and assignments. In order to successfully complete most film studies programs, students usually must work with other individuals. This helps prepare them for the real world experiences found upon graduation.

World Wide Appeal

Students in film studies programs can find their work reaching audiences they never dreamt of. For example, the Yale Student Film Festival showcases films ranging from documentary to narrative to experimental – and are seen by film students and esteemed industry professionals alike. An article by the Associated Press of Pakistan highlighted films produced for the “Human Rights through Cinematography” in 2018, bringing attention to one of the most important and powerful issues resonating around the world.

Preparation for the Real World

An interview with Emmy-winning producer Alana Blaylock in Forbes highlighted the importance that film studies provides, as well as the discipline necessary to achieving success in the industry. After attending the New York Film Academy, she landed an internship with a New York City production company and worked her way up the industry chain. Some of the hardships she endured during her film studies (such as lack of sleep and working incredibly long hours) proved useful as she began her journey into becoming a producer.

More than Film

Graduates with a degree in film studies quickly discover there are opportunities available far beyond simply the film industry. The explosion of YouTube on the internet, for example, has enabled graduates to branch out into creating their own content and putting it out in front of the public without having to pass through any gatekeepers. This allows those with a unique voice and powerful passion to achieve a notice that would have been previously impossible.

While it is true that film studies programs can be extremely competitive, successful completion of those programs can open up numerous creative and financial opportunities. Those individuals who rise to the challenges presented in the film studies programs might one day be accepting an Academy Award.