Drexel Offers Half Off Tuition Expenses For All Community College Grads

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Drexel has announced an expansion to its Drexel Promise program that reduces tuition expenses for community college graduates in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Now, the school is slashing costs for students across the nation. It’s a welcome opportunity for many U.S. students who aspire to a university degree but fear they can’t afford the bill.

Assistant Vice President of Strategic Enrollment Services Michael Harrington said “If a program like ours can provide additional motivation for students to earn their associate degree and lower the financial barrier to invest in themselves by pursuing a 4-year degree, it’s not just a win for Drexel and those students who earn a Drexel degree, it’s also helping to move society in the right direction. And that should be the goal of every institution of higher learning.”

To be eligible, students must graduate from an accredited community college in the U.S. with an associate’s degree. They must also apply and be awarded admission to an on-campus bachelor’s degree program at Drexel. Recipients of the Drexel Promise can renew the award for up to four years—long enough to earn their undergraduate degree—but they must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average.

Applications for the program are now open and will be accepted through August, 2024 for the Fall semester.

U.S. News & World Report has ranked Drexel University among the top 100 best value schools in the country. At CVO, we recently highlighted Drexel in our ranking of the top 30 Schools With Strong Industry Connections.

Source: Drexel Extends 50% Tuition Offer to All Community College Graduates

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