Community College Could Be Free In Massachusetts, Thanks To Millionaire Tax

community college

Residents of Massachusetts may be getting free community college tuition as a result of the state’s new millionaire tax. The State Senate just approved a $57 billion dollar budget for 2025 that includes funding for anyone who desires to attend community college.

MassEducate, the program that would provide free community college tuition, must still make it through the House of Representatives before it can be implemented. If the budget proposal passes, it will earmark $75 million for the free college program.

The plan includes an additional stipend for the state’s low-income residents. Individuals making less than 125% of the median income in Massachusetts will qualify for free tuition plus another $1200 for books and supplies. Another $10 million in state funds—dubbed the “student persistence fund”— will be set aside to help students who experience financial challenges during enrollment.

Massachusetts State Sen. Michael J. Rodrigues said “tuition-free community college impacts individuals most in need and who otherwise would not be afforded this opportunity. It will greatly help to keep our workforce graduates stand ready to meet the challenges of a global economy.”

If the initiative passes, Massachusetts will join 20 other states in the U.S. who offer free community college to residents. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has proposed a federal program to provide no-cost community college nationwide.

You can read more about the proposed MassEducate program in the Senate’s official statement.

Source: Business Insider—A Tax On Millionaires Might Soon Pay For Universal Free Community College In Massachusetts

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