In this ranking, we examine the best value colleges for an online sociology degree in 2016.

Some people might be quick to dismiss sociology as a degree choice. It doesn’t have the targeted career appeal of a degree in a field like business, nor does it have an emphasis on the science and tech skills that are in-demand in the 21st century. That being said, there are plenty of reasons to pursue a major in sociology. Understanding the way that people think and interact, the motivations that drive behavior and decision making, and how to interact with others will prove invaluable in almost any career field. Students who need to finish their bachelor’s degree or are thinking of a career change should consider earning an online sociology degree. In particular, the colleges below all offer affordable programs with great potential – plus the convenience of online learning!

Nicholls State University Best Online Sociology Degrees

The skills that sociology degree online students can gain from NSU’s top program will serve them well in nearly any professional field.

10. Nicholls State University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Nicholls State University provides one of the best online sociology degrees available today by synthesizing the study of sociological insights with the analytical and statistical tools that are so essential for social science research. Starting from square one, Nicholls students attend computer literacy and oral communications seminars, gaining valuable skills in areas like database research and public speaking. After completing an interdisciplinary general education requirement, online learners delve into their major, tackling the complex social structures and interpersonal relationships that undergird cultural institutions. At the end of the day, graduates will possess the skills they need to not only be capable sociologists, but high functioning members of society as well.
Net Price: $9,369/yr
Score: 61.40

North Dakota State University Best Online Sociology Degrees

This rigorous sociology online degree program at NDSU allows students to take an in-depth look at all aspects of human behavior.

9. North Dakota State University

Online B.S. in Sociology

For many people, inequality, diversity, gender, and healthcare are merely facts of life or political talking points. At North Dakota State University, students pursuing their sociology degrees online have the exciting opportunity to actually treat these subjects with the care and attention they deserve. Through the deployment of critical theory, empirical research, and statistical analysis, sociology students at NDSU are able to take a closer look at the issues that they care about the most. Many NDSU learners take their education one step further and pursue for-credit internships in human services and community development.
Net Price: $14,249/yr
Score: 61.52

Fayetteville State University Best Online Sociology Degree

Fayetteville State will let students take a free sample course before committing to the full online sociology degree program.

8. Fayetteville State University

Online Degree Completion Program (BA in Sociology)

If you’re looking to go back to school and finish your degree, make sure to consider Fayatteville State University’s affordable online sociology degree. Since the university’s core curriculum is not available online, this program is perfect for students who started a degree program but took time off to pursue their career or start a family. In just 38 credit hours, students can walk away with a bachelor’s degree that they can put towards a career in teaching, human services, or advanced education in their field. To see if online education is suited to your learning style, try out a sample class on the Blackboard Academic Suite through Fayatteville’s website.
Net Price: $6,848/yr
Score: 61.90

Westfield State University Best Online Sociology Degree

Massachusetts Community College graduates can easily transfer to this affordable online sociology degree at WSU and earn their diploma in no time.

7. Westfield State University

Online Sociology Degree (B.A.) Completion Program

A bachelor’s degree in sociology is not the only way to reconcile the relationship between your individuality and your greater role in the social sphere, but it’s certainly one of the most useful. Designed to help graduates and transfer students from Massachusetts Community College earn their four-year sociology degrees online, Westfield State University’s completion program offers classes in flexible and accelerated schedules. You can even take a quick two-week course over Winter Break to ensure you’re constantly moving forward in the program. Westfield also provides advantages outside of the classroom through internships and independent study options that provide hands-on experience in the field.
Net Price: $15,498/yr
Score: 62.09

Northern Arizona University Best Online Sociology Degrees

Northern Arizona University offers a thought-provoking, cheap online sociology degree for students who are passionate about making a difference.

6. Northern Arizona University

Online Bachelor of Sociology

Many students struggle to reconcile their desire to make a difference in the world with an uncertainty about how to change it. Luckily, the online sociology degree from Northern Arizona University offers students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the social structures in place that prevent positive change. Over the course of four years, students also acquire a broad knowledge base and skill set that will help them overcome these obstacles. Right after graduation, many sociology majors from NAU go on to helping professions in social services, youth advocacy, and rehab counseling. As a bonus, this bachelor’s degree will also qualify you for graduate programs that can lead to a meaningful career in law, research, or academia.
Net Price: $12,946/yr
Score: 62.28

University of Nebraska at Omaha

5. University of Nebraska at Omaha

Online General Studies Degree: Sociology Concentration

The University of Nebraska Omaha developed the Division of Continuing Studies in the 1940s to provide working adults with a second chance to better themselves through higher education. Today, it remains one of the largest departments in the university and has become increasingly popular thanks to recent advances in distance education. Although it’s formatted as a Bachelor of General Studies Degree, this online sociology degree holds the same value as any bachelor’s program at UNO. And with an unparalleled array of concentrations for every interest and aspiration, it’s not surprising that U.S. News has named this one of the best online sociology degree programs in the country.
Net Price: $10,979/yr
Score: 64.34

McNeese State College Best Online Sociology Degree

McNeese State University offers one of the best sociology degrees online for adult students and limits admission to those over 25 years of age.

4. McNeese State University

Online Sociology Degree

Making a living is tough enough in today’s economy without having to attend class at 8:00am every other morning. That’s why McNeese State University developed an online sociology degree program just for adults. McNeese’s accelerated, remote coursework is available in two seven-week sessions per regular semester plus three- and six-week sessions during the summer to allow students to sustain their focus on one course at a time while obtaining credits at a full-time rate. Naturally, this independence and responsibility requires the exceptional commitment level of serious students. As such, McNeese limits admission to students above 25 year old.
Net Price: $8,722/yr
Score: 65.10

University of Central Florida Best Online Sociology Degrees

The accredited online sociology degree at UCF incorporates traditional features like internships and liberal arts courses.

3. University of Central Florida

Online Sociology B.A.

With a comprehensive, four-year bachelor’s program with a liberal arts core, for-credit internships, and flexible online courses, it is clear that the University of Central Florida offers one of the best online sociology degrees around. Like a conventional liberal arts degree, online sociology majors at UCF develop a strong set of core competencies through robust general education requirements in communications, culture and history, math, and social and natural sciences. Only once they have mastered the basics can students move onto the more challenging topics like Mass Culture and Collective Behavior. Applying theory, models, statistics, and data analysis to social issues allows UCF students to engage substantively with otherwise baffling questions.
Net Price: $14,745/yr
Score: 67.10

Arizona State University Best Online Sociology Degree

ASU’s comprehensive curriculum allows sociology degree online students to investigate a wide range of interesting topics related to human behavior.

2. Arizona State University

Online Sociology (BS)

As part of the School of Social and Family Dynamics, the online sociology degree program at ASU encourages students to dismantle and interrogate traditional social institutions like marriage and the family in order to uncover their true roles in our society. Of course, the investigations don’t end there! Course requirements in global health, digital technology, and women’s health encourage sociology students to turn their critical lens to all of the big issues that hide in plain sight. In the course of their studies, students develop strong research, communication, and critical thinking skills that will be indispensable in a variety of careers.
Net Price: $12,191/yr
Score: 79.19

California State University Chico Best Online Sociology Degrees

Earning the #1 spot on this online sociology degree ranking, CSU Chico’s top-notch program emphasizes research and analytical skills above all.

1. California State University Chico

Online Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Degree Completion Program

Most people seem to have an idea of how the world should be, but few people understand how to support their claims with evidence. Even fewer possess such evidence or know how to acquire it! As a sociology major at California State University at Chico, you will develop the data analysis skills, research and writing abilities, and integrity necessary to provide meaningful accounts of the state of social institutions. Learn to speak clearly on important issues in education, business, medicine, and more. And not only will you get to earn your sociology degree online, you’ll also get the chance to intern at an agency of your choice and apply your new skills in the real world.
Net Price: $11,781/yr
Score: 79.44

This concludes our ranking of the top 10 values in online sociology degree programs, but be sure to see Sociology Degree Online: More Best Values for the complete list.

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