By CVO Staff
Published February 2016

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Brenau University Online Accounting Degree

Brenau’s online accounting degree is both flexible and customizable.

30. Brenau University

Online BBA Accounting

In contemporary higher education, accounting programs vary significantly in the opportunities they offer. You could earn your bachelor’s degree, opt for an accelerated BS-MS program, or leverage your undergraduate accounting education to earn an advanced credential in finance, business administration, or management. It can be difficult to decide what the right path is, but Brenau offers an easy solution – and earns the distinction of having one of the best online accounting degrees available – in its unique multifaceted curriculum. Not only is its BBA in Accounting available entirely online, but you’ll also get to choose between a traditional four-year track, which is perfect for students who want to apply for entry-level accounting jobs, and a five-year track, which prepares students take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. What’s more, students who maintain a 3.0 GPA in undergrad can secure direct acceptance to Brenau’s MBA in Accounting – also available online!
Net Price: $17,319/yr
Score: 61.84

Dakota State University Online Accounting Degree

An affordable IT online degree from DSU can save you time and money.

29. Dakota State University

Online Accounting (BBA)

With an online accounting degree from Dakota State University, even full-time workers can be well on their way to a thriving and stable career in just a few years. The university reports that their online coursework is so convenient that even local DSU students take them! This technology-driven curriculum prepares students for engagement with vital industry software like Excel, Access, and QuickBooks. Plus, with small class sizes (between 15-20 students), and a synchronous schedule that guarantees real-time access to professors, the only thing you lose with distance learning at DSU is commuting time!
Net Price: $14,116/yr

Saint Mary of the Woods Online Accounting Degree

Students in Sant Mary-of-the-Woods accounting degree online program also acquire a solid foundation in business principles.

28. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Accounting Online

With over 40 years’ experience providing distance-learning opportunities to working adults, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College makes no exceptions in offering a comprehensive online accounting degree program. In addition to a robust liberal arts core that encompasses writing composition and math, online accounting students cover a range of business topics that span marketing, management, and communications. This interdisciplinary breadth prepares students for the diverse roles and challenges that await them in the job market. But SMWC doesn’t leave online students’ fate to chance; with virtual internships, you can even acquire real-world job experience without leaving home.
Net Price: $15,214/yr
Score: 64.30

Northwood University Online Accounting Degree

Northwood is one of the best online accounting degrees for students who want to join professional organizations.

27.Northwood University-Michigan

Online Bachelor’s of Accounting

With recent graduate placement at leading corporations like Deloitte, Pricewater Coopers LLC, and Dow Chemical Group, the accountancy program at Northwood University-Michigan has a reputation for providing an accounting degree online that actually works. Students begin learning about their major on day one, integrating statistical analysis with management courses to develop valuable business skills that will be indispensable wherever they go. Northwood also helps students prepare for their career by offering the program as a combined 4-year BBA/BA and even invites students to join professional associations such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Institute of Management Accountants, and the Institute of Internal Auditors.
Net Price: $19,870/yr
Score: 64.58

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Northern State University Online Accounting Degree

NSU’s cheap accounting degree online is made even more affordable through paid internships.

25. Northern State University

Online Accounting (BS)

What other affordable accounting degree online can guarantee 95% job placement for professional accountancy graduates? At NSU, students complete internships—for credit—that pay between $14-22 an hour, and seniors entertain offers with starting salaries ranging between $38-52K a year. NSU also recognizes that, despite the accounting degree’s number-crunching reputation, the subject involves much more than just saving or making money. Unlike most programs on this list, NSU offers two accounting tracks—Accounting and Professional Accounting—to provide a more personalized degree. Students in the Accounting track focus on earning the required 150-credit hours to sit for the CPA and acquire work experience through internships. On the other hand, those in the Professional Accounting track tackle advanced coursework in accounting theory, accounting systems, and internal auditing, and are able to meet most of their requirements within the classroom.
Net Price: $14,385/yr
Score: 65.53

Columbia College Online Accounting Degree

Study everything from taxation to information systems through Columbia College’s top online accounting degree.

24. Columbia College

Online Accounting Major

In just 38-41 credit hours, accounting students at Columbia College either earn a Bachelor of Arts (BBA) or Science (BBS) in Business Administration in Accounting. Both degrees prepare students for a wide range of potential careers in everything from taxation, auditing, and information systems to government, management, and public accounting, not to mention a host of lucrative opportunities in the private sector. Students seeking to capitalize on the latter opportunity should also take note of Columbia’s Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship, which provides experiential curriculum, internships, mentorship, and seed capital for startups.
Net Price: $11,031/yr
Score: 66.10

Dickinson State University Online Accounting Degree

Dickinson State University hosts one of the most comprehensive online accounting degrees, with classes covering law, entrepreneurship, and communication.

23. Dickinson State University

Online Bachelor of Science Degree: Accounting

What makes a good accountant? Is it just understanding financial statements and cost concepts? Students who receive their accounting degree online from Dickinson are a far cry from mere statisticians; from a general education core featuring coursework in intercultural communication, microeconomics, and writing composition to a business core covering business law, policy, marketing, and even entrepreneurship, Dickinson’s accounting program prepares graduates to be leaders rather than followers in their career. Students also leave the program having fulfilled 128 out of the required 150 credit hours for CPA examination, bringing the first day of their new career just that much closer.
Net Price: $10,074/yr
Score: 67.33

Indiana State University Online Accounting Degree

Indiana State’s accredited accounting degree online even includes a minor in Forensic Accounting.

22. Indiana State University

Online Accounting (B.S.)

What if an affordable online accounting degree could do more than just make you an accountant? At Indiana State University, accounting graduates have used the robust curriculum and professional resources available to launch careers in not only public and tax accounting, but also consulting services, information technology, and financial planning. In fact, ISU recently launched a new minor in Forensic Accounting that provides students with the accounting investigative skills to detect and prevent fraud in the public and private sectors. The Scott College of Business further promotes students’ careers via the Meis Student Development Center, which leads workshops and hosts events to help aspiring financial leaders build their resumes, develop their interview skills, and find jobs that appeal to them.
Net Price: $11,525/yr
Score: 68.18

Clarion Univeristy of Pennsylvania Online Accounting Degree

Clarion University’s affordable accounting online degree provides scholarship opportunities and allows for part-time study.

21. Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Online Accounting Programs

With a Bachelor’s of Arts or Science in Accounting from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, your career opportunities are endless. Even before graduation, Clarion’s part-time online coursework makes it possible to raise a family or continue your full-time career while you study. Meanwhile, Clarion’s balance of theoretical studies and hands-on experience prepares you to begin a career in accounting or finance, or even pursue graduate education in accounting, business, law, and more. And as if that weren’t enough to convince you, Clarion’s already cheap online accounting degree program also offers generous and accommodating merit scholarships—up to $3,000 just for scoring above 21 on the ACT.
Net Price: $15,311/yr
Score: 68.47

Florida Atlantic University Online Accounting Degree

FAU is a standout on this accounting degrees online ranking thanks to its 90% job placement rate.

20. Florida Atlantic University

Online BBA Program Majors – Accounting

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of accounting positions in America will grow by almost 15% by 2022. Due to a combination of business growth, changing financial laws, and increasing accountability from corporate stakeholders, the future for accounting professionals in this country is looking good. And with a 90% placement rate for graduates of their Accounting Scholars Program, Florida Atlantic University is a great bet for students looking to capitalize on this growth. The selective honors program, available to both BBA and BS accounting students, earns a high online accounting degree ranking for its excellent placement rate, graduation rate, and rigorous curriculum.
Net Price: $13,360/yr
Score: 69.89

Bemidji State University Online Accounting Degree

Distance learners won’t have to sacrifice internships when they enroll in Bemidji State’s accredited online accounting degree program.

19. Bemidji State University

BS Accounting-Online

Bemidji State University offers the height of flexibility and customization in its online accounting degree. Whether you would like to complete your degree in as little as two years, or take a single course per semester to focus on your career, Bemidji is the place for you. Professional, full-time faculty members teach all online classes, and distance learners also have access to personal faculty advisors who can answer all their curricular and career questions. Many online students also seek paid and unpaid internships—for which they can receive up to 12 credits—at successful companies such as Target, Cargill, Hormel, and Federated Insurance.
Net Price: $13,488/yr
Score: 69.89

University of Memphis Online Accounting Degree

The University of Memphis has one of the best accounting degrees online for students who want to study both business and finance.

18.University of Memphis

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy

At the University of Memphis, Business Administration students can select an accounting major to upgrade their management curriculum with a technical, high-demand specialization. This four-year degree program prepares distance learners to be leaders in finance, government, taxation auditing, and more, all while they study from the convenience of their own home, on their own time. Combining a liberal arts core; communication and management training; and technical accounting coursework such as Cost Accounting, Financial Systems Analysis, and Information Systems Auditing and Insurance, Memphis’ BBA in accounting is one of the best accounting degrees online.
Net Price: $12,369/yr
Score: 70.08

Northwestern State University of Louisiana Online Accounting Degree

NSU offers in-state tuition to all online learners – you won’t find many other cheap accounting degrees online that offer that kind of a deal!

17. Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

One in five college students in America today are pursuing a degree in accounting. But who’s paying for it? Northwestern State University’s accounting program is a great way to get a financial education while saving your own money, and it has even earned the #2 spot on Non Profit Colleges Online’s national online accounting degree ranking. It’s also worth noting that Northwestern doesn’t charge out-of-state tuition for online students, making its program one of the best accounting degrees online for Louisiana residents and non-residents alike. All in all, NSU’s BS in accounting is a great way to start your career in finance, management accounting, cost accounting, or taxation and auditing.
Net Price: $9,488/yr
Score: 70.64

Northwestern Oklahoma State University Online Accounting Degree

Working students in Northwestern Oklahoma State’s accounting online degree can even earn credit for their job experiences.

16.Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) – Major in Accounting

At Northwestern Oklahoma State University, earning your cheap accounting degree online has never been easier. Online students can complete their degree in as little as five or six semesters, taking all their courses through the school’s distinguished Division of Business. Aside from a senior-level course in Business Policy, offered at the tail end of the degree program, the entire curriculum is asynchronous, which means you can complete classes entirely on your own schedule. Students can also earn 3 credits per semester for an internship in their field, including credit for work at their current place of employment (pending department approval)!
Net Price: $8,613/yr
Score: 70.83

Aurora University Online Accounting Degree

At Aurora, students can choose from two different online accounting degree specialties.

15. Aurora University

Online Accounting Degree

Accounting is a diverse field with many divergent roles and responsibilities. That’s why Aurora University’s online accounting degree program offers two separate degree tracks, with specializations in financial and managerial accounting. Financial Accountant concentrators learn to prepare reports for outside users such as banks and investors, while Managerial Accountant concentrators learn how to perform internal reviews and analyses to inform management strategy. With required internships, research projects, and extensive preparation for either the CPA or CMA examination, Aurora thoroughly prepares graduates for the host of challenges that await them in whichever side of the accounting playing field they may choose.
Net Price: $17,178/yr
Score: 71.21

Morehead State University Online Accounting Degree

MSU’s business program will even help its students prepare for the CPA exam, making it one of the best accounting degrees online.

14.Morehead State University

Online Graduate Completion Program in Accounting

At Morehead State University, students can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in accounting to build their technical skills and raise their demand in the workforce. This comprehensive, 120-credit hour, cheap online accounting degree comprises 36 hours of general education; business qualifying courses; business prerequisite courses; upper core BBA courses; and, finally, the accounting track core and electives. After completing their gen. ed. and qualifying business requirements, students can take the remainder of their coursework online at their own convenience. Students can also complete the 150-hour requirement for the CPA examination by taking accounting electives such as forensic accounting and accounting analysis.
Net Price: $11,373/yr
Score: 71.31

Old Dominion University Online Accounting Degree

ODU’s accredited accounting degree online curriculum holds special approval from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business – International.

13.Old Dominion University

Accounting Online: Degree Completion

Why do so many organizations choose their corporate executives from the ranks of accountants? It’s not just a myth accountants tell themselves to feel better; due to their breadth of technical knowledge and training in a multitude of administrative capacities, accountants are perfectly cut out for executive leadership. With special accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business – International, and tuition weighing in at between $300-350 per credit-hour, Old Dominion’s online accounting program gives aspiring accounting executives the best bang for their buck. And with 30 years of experience delivering education online, Old Dominion makes distance learning more than just user-friendly—it also helps students develop important computer skills needed for their future career.
Net Price: $14,512/yr
Score: 71.78

University of Minnesota Crookston Online Accounting Degree

A cheap accounting online degree is well within reach, thanks to UM-Crookston’s affordable tuition rates.

12.University of Minnesota-Crookston

Accounting, BS Online

Accountants are problem-solvers, always searching for x. Whether x stands for profits, savings, losses, non-compliance, or all of the above, accountants are where the buck stops (literally) in banking, management, tax consulting, and everything in between. Ranked among only one other Minnesota school on U.S. News’ list of the top 100 online colleges, the University of Minnesota-Crookston is a great resource for aspiring accountants everywhere. The flexibility and small class-sizes of Crookston’s online accounting coursework makes it easy for working students to earn their degree – they can even acquire the 150-hours required to sit for their CPA exam without completing an entire graduate program!
Net Price: $13,055/yr
Score: 71.97

Bay Path University Online Accounting Degree

Bay Path has partnered with the American Women’s College to provide one of the best programs in our online accounting degree ranking.

11. Bay Path University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business: Accounting

Bay Path University has developed a new model for accounting education that prepares students for work and service in a rapidly evolving economic climate. Its accessible online accounting program, which is offered as a minor/concentration within the BS in Business degree, is available both through distance ed. and at nearby satellite campuses. The program is available through a collaboration with The American Women’s College and features a robust curriculum that takes a modern approach to finance and management; courses emphasize business law and ethics, taxation, and managerial accounting, among other subjects. And as with all the best online accounting degrees, Bay Path can even help you secure the credit hours you need to sit for the CPA exam and pursue a graduate program in education or finance.
Net Price: $18,995/yr
Score: 72.06