10 Hidden Gem Online Colleges with Low Tuition and Great Resources

Hidden Gem Online Colleges with Low Tuition and Great Resources - featured image

Searching for the perfect college can be quite challenging. One often needs to consider various factors before going through the application and enrollment process. Apart from the quality of education being offered and the cost of tuition, students also need to think about the support they can get from the college of their choice. This means looking into the resources and amenities that can help students with their coursework and overall college experience.

Hidden Gem Online Colleges with Low Tuition and Great Resources - fact

This is just as true for those who choose to earn their degrees online. Some of the most helpful resources for online college students include financial aid services, time management and study tools, career centers, counseling services, academic advisors and mentoring services, and virtual libraries. Some college campuses also open their doors to online students who wish to visit and take advantage of their resources and amenities.

Luckily, many online colleges and universities in the country offer useful resources for online students. These make their academic journey easier and more enjoyable, lending additional assistance to help them get through their coursework, career preparation, and research.

Featured Programs

Florida Atlantic University 

Founded in 1961, Florida Atlantic University is one of the largest public universities in the state. Some of its remarkable programs have consistently ranked among the best in the country, including in the areas of business, computer science, nursing, and engineering. Many of these programs are available online.

This public university offers one of the lowest tuition rates, with Florida residents enjoying $203.29 tuition per credit hour while non-residents have a $721.84 tuition rate per credit hour. On top of the low tuition, students will also be able to benefit from generous financial aid programs. The university has, in fact, awarded a total of $264 million in financial aid.

Online students who want additional assistance on their college journey will also find a wealth of resources that can help them achieve academic success. The university’s website houses a dedicated page for online students with useful links to tools, guides, and other resources.

This includes an online bookstore where they can find their textbooks, guides to online learning, numerous course support options such as the math learning center, library resources, citing references, and writing assistance. For those who seek professional advancement, a Career Center under the Division of Student Affairs can also be accessed.

Oregon Institute of Technology 

Based in Klamath Falls and the Portland metropolitan area, the Oregon Institute of Technology, more commonly known as Oregon Tech, is focused on technical subjects and applied sciences. It offers dozens of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs along with a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program with its rigorous and experiential curriculum. The university also offers a number of degrees online as part of its commitment to accessible and convenient education.

Oregon Tech is state-supported, so students can generally enjoy more affordable tuition rates. Plus, online students do not need to carry the burden of out-of-state sub-chare if they happen to be non-residents. The undergraduate online degree at Oregon Tech costs $308 per credit.

Resources for online students are easily discoverable with a dedicated page linking back to specific resources on the university’s website. Students will be able to find a checklist to help them get started on their online academic journey.

There is a course management software called Canvas, where online courses are housed. Other resources for online students include Oregon Tech’s Tech Nest Bookstore, where students can buy or rent textbooks, an online library, online tutoring, and career services, among others.

University of Virginia 

The University of Virginia is considered an iconic public higher learning institution known for its rigorous and innovative programs. Many of its academic programs are made available online, a testament to the university’s commitment to accessible education. Interested students can choose among hundreds of courses, certificates, and degrees that can be completed anytime and anywhere.

Striving to remove barriers to attending the university, UVA has a substantial financial aid program. In fact, the university has met 100% of its financial needs through various assistance such as grants, scholarships, and need-based loans. It also offers affordable tuition rates, often with an annual tuition cost of $15,324.

The university offers massive support for online students to navigate their academic journey. This includes providing helpful resources such as student financial aid services, mental health services, UVA Bookstore, virtual tours, and technical support. The latter is in the form of the UVA Help Desk and Email Services. Students may also find additional resources based on their program of choice by checking the individual websites of UVA’s colleges and schools.

Western Illinois University 

Committed to innovative teaching, research, and service, Western Illinois University provides students with quality undergraduate and graduate programs. It also offers students the chance to earn their degrees 100% online. Some of the undergraduate programs available online include Accountancy, Economics, Communication, Emergency Management, General Studies, Management, Political Science, Sociology, and Supply Chain Management.

The university offers one of the most affordable tuition rates at $326.70 per credit hour. Out-of-state students can expect to pay in-state tuition rates, no matter where they reside in the country. They can also benefit from the 4-year guarantee for tuition, which means their tuition rate will remain the same throughout their four-year stay at college.

Dedicated to supporting online students’ academic endeavors, the university offers a number of resources that students can use to find assistance and connect with others. The academic resources include unlimited access to scholarly full-text articles and e-books, online support and tutoring options at the Writing Center, and tips and tutoring assistance through Rocky’s Resources. For their health and wellness needs, online students can also access the Student Recreation Center, University Counselling Center, and the Student Development & Success Center.

University of Wisconsin

A public land-grant university, the University of Wisconsin provides world-class education while solving real-world problems. On top of its on-campus programs, it also offers degrees in flexible online formats designed for busy students and working professionals. Some of the online programs on offer include Business Administration, Nursing, Management, and Marketing.

 Online students can depend on the university for guidance and support as they navigate their college journey. They will find plenty of resources to support their academic endeavors, including financial aid options like scholarships and grants, health and wellness services, and the McBurney Disability Resource Center.

Attending the University of Wisconsin as an online student is made even better with low-cost tuition rates. The cost of attendance annually for a Wisconsin resident is just around $11,216 for Wisconsin residents and $40,612 for non-residences. This already includes the tuition and fees.

Northern Arizona University

Starting as a teacher’s college, Northern Arizona University has grown into a reputable university offering more than 150 degree programs across 20 locations. Many of these academic programs are also accessible through distance learning.

Some of these online programs include Applied Science in Business Management, Intelligence Studies, Criminal Justice Administration, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Communication Studies, among others. Not only do students get to enjoy a flexible online learning experience. They can also take advantage of an affordable tuition cost that allows them to pay based on credit hours. The tuition cost for online students per year is $11,352 for residents and $27,600 for non-residents.

The university features student resources that help online learners complete their education. This includes mentorship opportunities with Peer Academic Coaches, 24/7 tech support, an online library, online tutoring, and career development services, among others.

San Diego State University

A leading public research university founded in 1897, San Diego State University currently serves more than 36,000 students. While most of its rigorous academic programs are offered on-campus, a wide variety of them are also available online, including certificates and career-building courses. Among the fully online undergraduate programs are bachelor’s degrees in business administration, communication, economics, public health, and criminal justice.

As part of the California State University system, SDSU makes every effort to keep costs to a minimum. Tuition and fees for California residents amount to $8,290 per year. Non-residents will need to pay $11,880 annually for tuition and fees. These tuition rates are generally lower compared to other universities and colleges.

Online students can find various resources to help them towards academic success. This can be in the form of counseling and psychological services, technical support for computing needs, online tutoring and various learning centers, and library and information access.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University is one of the 24 universities in the country that holds land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant designations. Currently, it offers more than 330 academic fields of study. Many of its academic programs are also offered fully online, including a B.S. in Accounting, a Bachelor’s in Applied Arts and Sciences, and a B.S. in Business Administration, among others.

Generally, the tuition cost at Louisiana State University is affordable at $11,954 per year for residents and $28,631 for non-residents. To help students fund their college education, the school also provides a wide range of financial aid options like scholarships and grants.

Online students will find plenty of resources to guide them through their academic journey. This includes access to the bookstore, career center, financial resources, health and wellness services, and many more.

University of Utah

As a center of academics and research, the University of Utah is the flagship higher learning institution of the state of Utah. It offers more than 100 undergraduate and over 90 graduate degree programs, many of which are made available online.

The online degree programs are designed to fit around one’s schedule, allowing students to complete their coursework anytime and anywhere. Some of the online degrees students can choose from include Social Work, Psychology, Human Development and Family Studies, Nursing Education, and Legal Studies. The undergraduate tuition is the same for residents and non-residents, with a cost of $260 per credit hour.

Current online students are given access to a host of resources to help them succeed academically. These resources include access to a virtual library, financial aid programs, free counseling services, and tech support.

Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is primarily offering personalized online education tailored to the unique needs of working adults. The degree programs on offer are 100% available online. Students are given the opportunity to find out whether the university is fit for them by allowing them to try courses for three weeks.

There are 116 degree programs available online, including business administration, accounting, organizational management, communication, and so much more. Purdue offers one of the most affordable tuition rates, with $371 per quarter credit hour for most undergraduate online programs.

Purdue Global is committed to helping online students achieve their goals. They can take advantage of a number of online student resources, such as personalized student support, comprehensive digital library, and tech support.

A college journey is often challenging and overwhelming. It is quite helpful that many online colleges and universities extend support to students off campus through various online resources. Online students will be able to find support in many forms to help them complete their coursework, write their research papers, and prepare for a successful career.

Most of these online resources are free or part of the tuition and fees that they pay for their college education. Online students must check with the university or college of their choice and find the available resources at their disposal.