10 Most Affordable Online Ivy League Alternatives

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Ivy League schools are the most sought-after institutions of higher education in the United States and the world! The eight private universities are among the most selective schools with the lowest acceptance rates, many of which are also among the oldest (Harvard, Yale and UPenn). These Northeastern universities are also known for their emphasis on academic excellence, breakthrough scientific research, and innovations with widespread impact.

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But with a prestigious reputation comes an expensive price tag! According to Statista.com, the cost of undergraduate tuition and fees, as well as room and board at Ivy League universities, range between $59,960 at Princeton University to $69,045 at Columbia University (AY 2023-2024). While many of these elite universities provide students with generous financial aid packages, the total cost of attendance can still be burdensome. 

Fortunately, more affordable colleges and universities rival the Ivy League schools’ academic rigor and excellence, abundant research opportunities, and exceptional student support services! Known as the Public Ivies, these public universities also offer online degree programs that further reduce the cost of a college education.

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Most Affordable Online Ivy League Alternatives

When choosing from among these recognized Public Ivies, we suggest considering your personal interests and professional goals, your geographical location, and your budget. For example, in-state tuition is usually lower than out-of-state tuition, and in-state students are more likely to receive more financial aid offers. Many online degree programs also have in-person, on-campus requirements, meaning your geographical location is a crucial factor.

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill Online offers online degree programs characterized by academic rigor, exceptional student support services, and an emphasis on encouraging students to be engaged citizens. Committed to providing equal access to excellent higher education, students benefit from the affordable tuition and fee structure combined with generous financial aid. 

For undergraduate programs, tuition is charged on a per-credit-hour basis depending on residency status: 

  • Resident $292.46/credit hour 
  • Non-resident $$1,556.67/hour 

The student fees for resident and nonresident students are $961.56/credit hour. At these rates, UNC is among the most affordable Public Ivies for resident students. UNC also has a tuition guarantee program for eligible in-state students where their tuition is fixed for between eight and ten semesters, depending on their program. 

Online students can also apply for federal financial aid (FAFSA) as well as for scholarships, grants and loans. Working professionals may also ask about employer sponsorships and military education benefits. 

UNC-Chapel Hill offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as certificate programs and boot camps for working professionals. Areas of study include business administration, education and interdisciplinary studies.

University of Maryland Global Campus

The University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) offers a wide range of online degree and certificate programs where students can build workplace-ready knowledge and skills. As a component of the public University System of Maryland, its excellent academic instruction delivered by credentialed professors means students receive Ivy League-level education at an affordable cost. 

The tuition per credit for undergraduate and graduate programs varies depending on residency status and military membership, as follows: (Fall 2023-Spring 2024) 

  • In-state tuition is $318/credit (undergraduate) and $524/credit (graduate) 
  • Out-of-state tuition is $499/credit (undergraduate) and $659/credit (graduate) 
  • Military $250/credit (undergraduate); $480/credit (graduate) 

UMGC offers online students effective assistance in managing their costs of education through numerous financing options. These include federal financial aid as well as scholarships, grants and loans, military benefits and employer assistance. 

Online students can choose more than 30 undergraduate, graduate and professional certificate programs in diverse areas, from accounting, business administration, and computer science to nursing and gerontology science. UMGC ensures student success through lifetime career resources and services, too.

University of Florida

University of Florida Online offers elite yet accessible education for Florida residents and beyond, an education comparable to the Ivy League schools without the price tag. Students in the fully online four-year bachelor’s degree programs receive the same excellent academic instruction as their on-campus counterparts, too. Areas of study are as diverse as the student body, too, including business administration, biology, criminology, and education sciences. 

The tuition and fees for online students vary depending on residency status, too: 

  • Resident $129.18/credit hour
  • Nonresident $552.62/credit hour 

As a public land-grant research university, UF Online encourages online students to apply for financial aid to reduce the cost of their education. Online students must submit their financial aid applications, particularly FAFSA, for consideration to the Office for Student Financial Affairs (SFA). Financial assistance options include federal, state and university-funded aid as well as privately-funded scholarships, the Free Seat Program for military members and veterans, and the Grandparent Waiver grant.

University of Wisconsin – Madison

UW-Madison Online enables ambitious individuals to remove the boundaries that limit their progress by offering online degree programs with comparable academic quality to Ivy League schools. Aside from their professors, students also thrive under the guidance of dedicated advisors and coaches. 

The bachelor’s degree completion programs also provide flexibility and convenience for working professionals on the career advancement path. Students choose from business administration with concentrations in management, human resources, and marketing, all of which have multiple start dates and eight-week terms. There’s also a bachelor’s degree in nursing program. 

UW-Madison Online has the same tuition rate for in-state and out-of-state students at $675/credit hour. Online students, however, may have additional fees and must be aware of excess credit and late initial enrollment fees.  

Students in online programs are also eligible for federal, state and UW-Madison financial aid programs. Different payment methods are available, too, including BadgerPay (installment) and veterans’ benefits.

University of Virginia

The online degrees and certificates granted through the University of Virginia Online Learning (UVA) platform are earned by graduates! Known as a world-class public research university, UVA is also known for its diverse student body whose commitment to academic excellence manifests in its graduates’ high employability. Online students choose from a wide range of academic programs, including business administration, medicine, and engineering, among others. 

UVA Online Learning’s tuition and fees are affordable, too, meaning students receive Ivy League-like education without the overwhelming student debt. First-year, in-state students in the College of Arts and Sciences, for example, pay $18,816 in total tuition and fees for an academic year – without financial aid yet. 

Since UVA provides eligible undergraduate students with scholarships covering tuition and fees for up to eight semesters, the total cost of attendance is significantly reduced. UVA uses family income levels to determine eligibility for varying scholarship amounts. Online students are also eligible for consideration for FAFSA-based financial aid.

Pennsylvania State University World Campus

The Pennsylvania State University’s online campus, the Penn State World Campus, offers more than 175 degree and certificate programs designed for freshmen students, working professionals and adult learners. Penn State students receive stellar education from a nationally recognized public university with academic excellence at the heart of its online programs. Just as with its Ivy League counterparts, Penn State also takes pride in its extensive and supportive alumni network. 

The diverse academic programs cover business, education, healthcare and engineering, among others. Graduates are among the most well-rounded, well-prepared workers in the country, a testament to the Ivy League-like education they received. Penn State guarantees a career-focused curriculum taught by credentialed instructors, an engaging online experience, and effective student support services. Examples include new student orientation, academic advising, and mental health and disability services. 

Undergraduate tuition depends on two factors – your total number of credits accrued in or transferred to Penn State and your number of credits registered for the semester.  

  • With 59 or fewer accrued/transferred credits and 11 or fewer credits registered – $626/credit; 12-19 credits registered – $7,602/semester 
  • With 60 or more accrued/transferred credits and 11 or fewer credits registered – $671/credit; 12-19 credits registered – $8,206/semester 

Online students are eligible for federal student aid and institutional scholarships. Penn State also has an installment payment plan and accepts third-party payments.

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Offered by the nationally recognized public land-grant research university, the Rutgers University Continuing Education platform offers several bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Students choose from numerous academic disciplines, including business administration, nursing, labor and employment relations, and social work. Rutgers also offers continuing education and professional development programs at par in their overall quality with those of Ivy League programs. 

Undergraduate tuition also ensures that a Rutgers education is within reach: 

  • Resident student – $13,674 
  • Nonresident student – $32,436 

Students usually pay a flat fee of $3,565 per year. 

Rutgers has a track record of offering the majority of first-year students financial aid, with the average being $14,633 (2022-2023). Aside from federal financial aid, online students can also apply for state financial aid, scholarships, student employment, and tuition payment plans.

University of Colorado Denver

The University of Colorado Online Programs consist of many of the world-class undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs offered at the CU Denver campus. As a top-tier public research university, CU Denver is widely recognized for its long-standing track record in academic excellence, rigorous curriculum and industry-experienced instructors. Here, an Ivy League education can be enjoyed for less! 

Online students can choose from numerous academic disciplines in their pursuit of a relevant education sought after by employers. Examples include communication, criminal justice, ethnic studies, civil engineering, and information systems. 

Tuition for undergraduate programs varies depending on residency status: 

  • In-state $465/credit 
  • Out-of-state $558/credit 

While federal financial aid is the most popular option for online students, CU Denver also has its College Opportunity Fund (COF), a scholarship fund created by the Colorado Legislature. Eligible undergraduate students receive a stipend that covers part of their in-state tuition. Scholarships are also available.

Miami University

Miami Online, the online campus of Miami University, a public research university, follows the tradition of a robust and relevant liberal arts education of its parent campus. Note that Miami University was among the eight original Public Ivies, and it has retained its distinction today thanks to its emphasis on academic rigor and excellence. 

Students and alumni assert that their rigorous coursework combined with hands-on learning experiences contributed to their exceptional workplace readiness. With a Miami University degree, graduates enjoy a quick return on their investment in a similar manner as an Ivy League degree. 

Online degree programs are in commerce, English studies, health communication, psychological science, and information technology. Regardless of the major chosen, students thrive in the rigorous curriculum thanks to excellent student support and career development services. 

Online students with Ohio resident status pay the same affordable in-state tuition as their on-campus counterparts at Miami’s regional campuses. Currently, tuition for the cohort is $7,278.08 per year. Online students who are non-Ohio residents pay $350/credit, a special reduced rate inclusive of the online learning fee. 

Miami University doesn’t only receive federal student aid but also ensures that its students receive the best possible financial aid offer. More than 70% receive financial aid, while its Miami Tuition Promise further reduces tuition costs for eligible students.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The online campus of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, a public land-grant research university, Illinois Online, offers outstanding online undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs. Students benefit from the award-winning content in the rigorous courses, the industry-experienced faculty, and the collaborative learning environment. 

With more than 150 programs to choose from, students won’t run out of choices in the Public Ivy’s catalog. Choices include undergraduate programs in early childhood professional education and social work, graduate programs in accounting, civil engineering, and computer science, and numerous certificate programs. 

Paying for higher education with Ivy League standards doesn’t have to be burdensome, thanks to the University of Illinois’ affordable online tuition and fees. A bachelor’s degree in Earth, Society and Environmental Sustainability, for example, costs $424/credit, meaning total tuition is between $20,776 and $25,016 depending on the number of credits completed. 

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) administers federal, state and institutional aid for online students during the fall and spring terms. 

Getting an Ivy League education isn’t for everyone, financially speaking, for many reasons. But it’s possible to enjoy a world-class education that rivals an Ivy League education, thanks to the Public Ivies! Of course, what you make of your college education is up to you – use it as an effective credential in boosting your personal and professional success. 



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