Top 10 Affordable MSW/MPH Dual Degree Programs for 2024

msw and mph affordable dual degree programs

Students enrolled in a dual Master of Social Work/Master of Public Health (MSW/MPH) degree learn to work on both small-scale and large-scale projects. On the one hand, they work directly with individuals to improve their lives; on the other hand, public health social workers analyze data to promote the well-being of local and global communities.

Courses within these programs train the students to understand and address social issues that impact the health of individuals, families, and other populations, i.e. food scarcity, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and environmental contamination are several of the pressing issues that are frequently addressed. MSW MPH graduates are qualified for a wide range of challenging, rewarding careers, including public health researchers, hospital administrators, government health policy analysts, and many others.

From a list of more than 35 schools that offer MSW MPH dual degree programs, our top ten are organized according to their affordability (based on tuition reported on College Navigator). Some dual degree programs may require a GRE. If you don’t want to bother with that, check out our article on online MSW degrees, no GRE required.

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The top 10 affordable MPH MSW dual degree programs are:

Ranking the Top 10 MSW MPH Dual Degree Programs

10. Colorado State University

Fort Collins, Colorado
Master of Social Work/Master of Public Health

Colorado State University logo


The MPH MSW dual degree program at CSU is paired with a Public Health concentration in Global Health and Health Disparities. This concentration gives the students a strong foundation and skill set for working with underserved populations and tackling various social justice issues, both locally and globally. This full-time program has two credit and length options for MPH MSW dual degrees: the Advanced Standing program is 67 credits and offers one year of study in each of the two major concentrations, and the 87-credit dual degree program pairs 2 years of Social Work courses with one year of Public Health study.

Tuition: $10,520

9. University of Nebraska Medical Center

Omaha, Nebraska
Master of Social Work/Master of Public Health

University of Nebraska Medical Center logo


This MSW MPH program is a collaborative effort between the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health, and the University of Nebraska Omaha, School of Social Work. Students in the 81-credit program can also choose to concentrate in Public Health Administration. Program participants will graduate public health social workers with two complementary skill sets: clinical social work skills, and population-focused public health skills. The University of Nebraska also offers a 54-credit advanced-standing MSW MPH program. This is among the best MSW MPH dual degree programs.

Tuition: $8,964

8. University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia
Master of Social Work/Master of Public Health

University of Georgia logo


University of Georgia’s MSW/MPH program is the only one of its kind in Georgia, and one of only 5 MSW MPH dual degree programs in the Southeast. The 90-credit-hour dual degree program provides students with interdisciplinary education using biopsychosocial and epidemiological perspectives to address the critical health issues of today. Each portion of the degree gives students various options of concentrations. For Social Work, they are Micro, Macro, or Combined, and for Public Health, students choose between Health Promotion and Behavior or Gerontology.

Tuition: $8,878

7. Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana
Master of Social Work/Master of Public Health Dual Degree

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis logo


The MSW/MPH program at IUPUI is a unique program that offers the best of both Indiana and Purdue Universities. The program, either 81 or 87 credits depending on course selections, includes an Internship, a Final Concentration Project and a Capstone Experience. For the Public Health portion of the program, students must choose between a concentration in Social and Behavioral Science and Health Policy and Management.

Tuition: $8,826

6. University of South Florida

Tampa, Florida
Master of Public Health/Master of Social Work

University of South Florida logo


University of South Florida offers a MPH MSW dual degree made up of 77 combined credit hours, 9 of which can be shared credit hours of graduate electives. This affordable program, one of the best MSW MPH dual degree programs, takes 2 to 3 years to complete, and offers an expanded study, encouraging a well-balanced macro-micro orientation to clinical practice. Additionally, the fundamental tools of Public Health will further assist the social worker in targeting the needs of individuals and communities within a social environment.

Tuition: $8,350

5. University of Alabama at Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama
Master of Public Health/Master of Social Work

University of Alabama at Birmingham logo


The MPH MSW dual degree at the University of Alabama includes a concentration in Population Health, and addresses the pressing need for professionally trained social workers. The 90-credit-hour curriculum saves 12 credits by combining programs and includes a Public Health core, an Applied Practice Experience and an Integrated Learning Experience. Students can choose from a variety of master’s level courses to build a personalized curriculum that supports their career goals.

Tuition: $8,100

4. University of Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah
Master of Social Work and Master of Public Health Dual Degree

University of Utah logo


At the University of Utah, students can earn an affordable MPH MSW dual degree awarded by the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine. The dual degree program saves 23 credit hours, allowing students to earn their degree in just 82 credit hours by combining programs. Graduates will have a well-rounded understanding of human behavior in the environment, and how individuals and communities are impacted by health-focused programs.

Tuition: $7,211

3. San Diego State University

San Diego, California
Master of Social Work/Master of Public Health

San Diego State University logo


San Diego State University offers a highly affordable MSW/MPH with a concentration in Administration and Community Development. The 3-year, 93-credit-hour concurrent graduate program offers preparation in both fields with the purpose of providing the knowledge and skills necessary to promote health and enhance the delivery of social and health services in a social environment within the community. All program participants will complete a Field Practice prior to graduating.

Tuition: $7,176

2. University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Master of of Public Health in Health Promotion Sciences/Master of Social Work Dual Degree

University of Oklahoma logo


The MPH MSW dual degree at the University of Oklahoma is offered through the College of Public Health, the only CEPH-accredited College of Public Health in the state of Oklahoma. This affordable 84-credit-hour dual degree curriculum contains 36 Public Health credits and 48 Social Work credits. The program is built on core courses in each area of study, and students will have the option of many elective courses, as well as the opportunity to complete Social Work practicum. This comes in just second on our list of best MSW MPH dual degree programs.

Tuition: $5,119

1. New Mexico State University

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Dual Master of Public Health/Master of Social Work Degree

New Mexico State University logo


New Mexico State University’s School of Social Work and Department of Health Sciences offers a very affordable MSW MPH with a concentration in Health Behavior and Health Promotion. This dual degree program can be completed with 98 credit hours, as opposed to 108 when enrolling in the programs separately. Taking 3 years to complete, NMSU’s program curriculum has an emphasis on cross-cultural content and social justice.

Tuition: $4,844

This concludes our ranking of the top MSW MPH dual degree programs.