Specialized Military Programs: Online Degrees for Military Students

specialized military programs

Introduction to Specialized Military Programs

Are you an active-duty personnel or veteran interested in personal and professional growth? You should consider pursuing one of the best online degrees for military students. The best online colleges offer these specialized military programs that offer military-specific accommodations.

Military students face unique challenges that these military-specific accommodations ease. These include unpredictable schedules, remote deployments, and frequent relocations. Military students must also balance their family commitments with intensive workloads and studies.

The best online colleges for military students offer military-specific accommodations, including:

Featured Programs

  • Flexible learning options, such as self-paced and asynchronous courses
  • Credits for military training and experience
  • Robust admission-to-graduate student support services
  • Military-specific financial aid options

Indeed, now is the time to earn your college degree and pursue your dreams. Your unique challenges as a military student can be intimidating. But when you consider these accommodations, it becomes possible. 

Ask one of the 820,000-plus military students in the U.S. today. You will find that specialized military programs promote their academic success. Student veterans also have a 72% success rate and 0.40 higher average GPAs than their civilian peers. 

Military-focused degrees align with Military Occupational Specialties (MOS), too. Military-friendly online programs allow students to earn transfer credits from their occupations-related experience. Suffice it to say that it’s an accommodation unique to military students. 

If you’re interested, we recommend these military friendly online colleges. These institutions provide military students with targeted programs and student support. Here, you will enjoy flexibility, affordability, and accessibility, too, for your academic success. Keep reading to learn more about online degrees for military students that could be perfect for you!

University of Maryland Global Campus

UMGC is among the best online colleges for online degrees for military students for many reasons. Students choose from diverse online degrees and enjoy excellent support. Discounted tuition, experience-based transfer credits, and financial aid are available.  

University of Massachusetts Global

UMass Global provides financial aid through the GI Bill and Yellow Program. Military spouses and dependents are welcome here, too. Students choose from a wide range of military-specific online programs.

American Military University

AMU is among the most popular online colleges for military students. Students enjoy flexible schedules, financial aid, and extensive support services.

Arizona State University

ASU Online is among the best military friendly colleges with 300+ online programs. Military students enjoy the support services at Pat Tillman Veterans Center. Financial aid under the GI Bill and Veterans Educational Assistance Program are available.

Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU’s reputation as a reputable online military college is due to its tailored programs. Students enjoy military discounts and other military-specific financial aid. There’s a dedicated military support team, too.

Averett University

Averett is a well-known online college for military students due to its excellent online programs. Students choose from business, nursing, and education programs, among others. Military-specific financial aid, including the Yellow Program is available.

Liberty University

LU Online is a consistent presence in our list of military friendly online schools. Students choose from a wide range of military-aligned degree programs. Tuition discounts, fee waivers, and military-centric student support are available.

Colorado State University Global

CSU Global offers 100% online degree programs. Their flexibility makes it among the best online schools for military students. Plus, military discounts and transfer credits are available.

University of Central Florida

UCF is among the best military friendly schools online because of its affordability. Students can apply for military-specific financial aid and enjoy excellent support.

Syracuse University

With more than 60 online programs, Syracuse is a magnet for military students. Military-specific financial aid reduces the cost of an excellent private education. 

No matter your choice, you will find that these institutions promote academic success. Their military-specific support services, financial aid, and resources are there for you.

Why Choose Specialized Military Programs?

Military and veteran students are more likely to succeed in specialized military programs. These programs that have online degrees for military students provide military-specific admission-to-graduation support services and resources. There’s little to no excuse to fail in these programs for this reason. 

But, of course, your academic success will depend on your drive and determination. You must maximize the admission-to-graduation support services and resources, too. 

Here are why you’re well-advised to choose a specialized military program.

Alignment with MOS

As previously mentioned, military-friendly degrees align with MOS. This translates to transfer credits for military training and experience in many ways:

First, the American Council on Education (ACE) recommends transfer credits for military experience. Infantry MOS can translate to credits for courses in n: 

  • Criminal Justice
  • Homeland Security
  • Emergency Management 

Medical MOS can become transfer credits for courses in: 

  • Nursing
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Health Sciences 

Second, specialized degree programs for military students align with specific MOS categories. Examples include: 

  • Engineering and technology programs are best for those in technical MOS fields 
  • Logistics and supply chain management programs fit those in the logistics and transportation MOS fields 
  • Healthcare programs are best for those in healthcare-related MOS. Medics and corpsmen are examples. 

Tip: If you want to earn the highest number of transfer credits, go for an MOS-related degree program. You have the best opportunities for classroom-to-workplace applications, too. 

Your smoother military-to-civilian transition is also a result of degree-MOS alignment. You’re more competitive for civilian jobs. Why? Your relevant military experience and bachelor’s degree meet the job requirements. 

Second, the courses in specialized military programs align with MOS experience. You’ll find the tailored content relevant to your current work and career goals. Plus, these courses emphasize both hard and soft skills. You can apply them to military and civilian jobs. 

Transfer credits for prior learning

You can also transfer credits from prior learning assessments like DANTES and CLEP. Ask your commanding officer about these matters. The more transfer credits you have, the more tuition savings you can enjoy. You will also shorten your time-to-degree.

A supportive environment for military and veteran students

You will find an extensive array of student support services for military students. Many online colleges even have dedicated military support teams. The best examples of military-specific student support services include: 

  • Admissions support 
  • Academic advising and planning 
  • Tutoring services 
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring 
  • Mental health and wellness services and resources 
  • Career counseling and development services 
  • Networking opportunities

Flexible learning options

Online colleges that provide online degrees for military students are excellent because of their flexible options. You attend your classes and complete your assignments from anywhere in the world. Geographical barriers are a thing of the past with online programs. 

Many online colleges also offer accelerated programs. You can earn your degree faster while meeting your service obligations.

Military-specific financial aid available

College is expensive. Online colleges, fortunately, offer military-specific financial aid, including: 

  • Tuition discounts 
  • GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon, and other law-mandated military student aid benefits 
  • Military tuition assistance provided by every branch of the military 
  • Military and veteran scholarships and grants 

You can qualify for more than one financial aid program. Check with a financial aid officer for relevant information. 

Emphasis on cultural competency

The military culture and mindset can be a mystery to civilians. This is the reason why military-friendly online colleges have dedicated military support teams. These online colleges also have flexible leave of absence policies. 

Here are three of the most popular academic fields for military and veteran students. 

Cybersecurity: Protecting Information in the Digital Age

Cybersecurity for military students means being at the frontline of national security. Military and veteran students are suitable for cybersecurity programs because of their:  

  • Extensive experience working with cutting-edge technology 
  • Focus on mission achievement (i.e., cybersecurity is a mission-driven occupation) 
  • Need for clear career progression 
  • Combination of traits suitable for cybersecurity professionals (e.g., work ethic, integrity, teamwork, and discipline) 
  • Training in fighting adversaries, even unknown ones 

The best things about cybersecurity degrees are their high demand and adaptability. About 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions are offered in the United States. The most in-demand are cybersecurity engineers and analysts.

Leadership: Building Skills for Commanding Roles

The best leadership programs for military students are business, economics, and organizational leadership. Note that the military itself emphasizes leadership as essential in its operations. Leadership programs can bring out the best in military and veteran students. 

Employers say that veterans bring their leadership and teamwork skills to the workplace. Their ability to adapt quickly is also an asset. 

The best thing about leadership-centric degrees is their versatility too. You can use your business administration degree in business and non-business settings. This is also true for economics, educational or organizational leadership, and finance degrees.

Healthcare Management: Addressing Health Needs with a Military Perspective

Healthcare management for military students can be easy-peasy. Why? Many military and veteran students have been in more stressful environments. Plus, their military experience enabled them to develop effective management traits. 

Veterans bring their military perspective in addressing health issues, too. Seeing the big picture yet exercising attention to detail is an example.

Conclusion: The Value of Specialized Military Programs

In conclusion, the best value of specialized military programs is their excellent student support. Military students can look forward to admission-to-graduation support that promotes their success. So, if you’re interested in earning online degrees for military students, choose one of these programs.