5 Podcasts for Those in Public Administration Careers

public admin
  • GovLove
  • Geeking After Dark
  • The School of Greatness
  • The NPR Politics Podcast
  • New Books in Public Policy

Public administration is all about civil and public service as well as the implementation of government policy over the public space. For those working in this field, one of the best ways to stay abreast of emerging insider knowledge and change in the government and public domains is through trustworthy, public administration-related podcasts. What are some of the top options in this particular line of podcasts today? The following public admin-related podcasts rank among some of the best available now.

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1. GovLove

As this one’s name suggests, GovLove is a podcast that really embraces the greater public administration industry. The people, the policies, and the government between are the focus of this great podcast. Followers can expect roughly one show per week with each show always being on point with current and very appropriate information for this particular work sector.

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2. Geeking After Dark

Geeking After Dark is a fun break from the more serious presentation of public admin affairs that most are quite used to these days. Here, one can listen to a self-professed “couple of geeks” cover any number of public admin topics but with a fun, jovial, and even sometimes entertainingly ranting approach to the subject matters at hand. This podcast posts frequently with recent shows, as of this writing, covering topics including security updates, systems administration, and other, various news stories.

3. The School of Greatness

When it comes right down to it, honoring the needs and wishes of the constituency is really what public administration work is about. The School of Greatness takes that concept to the next level by sponsoring a podcast devoted to greater integrity in all types of service work today. On average, this podcast posts new episodes about twice each week with recent shows covering great topics such as mastering the art of negotiation, overcoming insecurities, and tips for success in today’s business environment.

4. The NPR Politics Podcast

NPR or National Public Radio has been a staple of American news and media since its establishment in 1970. In fact, NPR has been a key media component in many, critical moments in journalism and US history over the years such as during the Vietnam War and in many, important cultural events according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Among its various efforts today, NPR produces a very active podcast that’s great for public admin professionals. If it’s an emerging event involving government affairs or public policy, chances are that NPR will certainly cover it here.

5. New Books in Public Policy

As this podcast’s name might suggest, its primary purpose is to cover all new books coming out that relate to matters of public policy and administration. Anytime a new book along these lines is set to come out, this podcast is there to intercept it and its author in a very informational interview format. Anyone wanting to stay atop of the newest theories and observations in this field of work is recommended to check this one out.

Public administration is a noble calling, and being on top of your game as a worker here can sometimes come as easily as tuning into an occasional podcast on the subject. These five options are among some of the best right now representing this field of expertise. In conclusion, for anyone seeking even more information on the current world of public administration work, the American Society for Public Administration is a great resource point with which to inquire further.