5 Top Jobs with an Online MBA

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Students who want top jobs with an online MBA will be glad to know there are opportunities in almost every industry. The content and quality of online MBA programs are equal to traditional programs, especially when they offer seminar, internship and weekend workshop opportunities. If some of these jobs appeal to you and you want to get one, we have a great article on how to get an MBA.

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Why Do You Need an Online MBA?

Beyond providing a solid foundation for students who want to carve a career in financing and accounting, an online MBA program is your gateway to a variety of career paths. 

Many students who have earned this graduate degree choose to work in corporations, private organizations, and even in the government. Those who are interested in attaining leadership positions and boosting their earning potential may want to consider earning an online MBA degree. On average, the annual wage for management occupations is $107,360, comparatively higher than the $46,310 median wage for all other jobs in the same category.

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While a bachelor’s degree is the required educational attainment for entry-level positions in the business sector, many management occupations favor those with a master’s degree under their belt. Graduates of online MBA programs have an edge over their contenders in the increasingly competitive world of business. 

Many MBAs require applicants to pass standardized entrance examinations. The good news is, you can enroll in online MBA programs that don’t require GMAT! That’s one worry less if you’re not confident in your test performance.

Here are other compelling reasons why an online MBA makes an ideal choice for interested students: 

It offers flexibility.

Unlike its traditional counterpart, an online MBA program does not require graduate students to attend classes on-campus. They can pursue advanced education without putting their job and personal life on hold. Most online MBA programs also allows students to earn the degree at their own pace.

Students enjoy customization options with an online MBA. They can also choose to earn their degree more quickly through top accelerated online MBA programs.

It presents a minefield of networking opportunities.

The cutthroat business world could use the networking opportunities that an MBA program offers. Knowing like-minded graduate students from a variety of backgrounds and locations is a great start! An MBA degree does not hinder you from interacting with other working professionals from all over the country and around the world! You can exchange ideas and collaborate virtually through real-time discussions and group assignments.

It’s affordable.

An MBA is a good investment for the future, and it does not have to be expensive. Affordable online executive MBA programs eliminate the need to attend on-campus classes and pay accommodation, transportation, and other associated costs. 

Students may also adjust the number of credits in a semester, ensuring that they pay for what they can afford. Another upside is the ability to continue earning from their current careers, which an on-campus MBA program doesn’t always offer.

It connects students to reputable mentors.

Most online MBA programs keep the class sizes small, allowing students to get more one-on-one session opportunities with their professors to guide them throughout their academic journey. In small classes, students are better able to raise their questions, discuss the challenges of difficult subjects, and get valuable advice that is personalized to their needs.

It offers an enriching learning experience.

Online MBA students can master digital tools essential for remote work. It also gives them an edge when it comes to managing remote teams and becoming global leaders.

Essential Skills Online MBA Graduates Need to Succeed

Choose online MBA programs that are ranked as leading options! Like on-campus programs, the top online MBAs impart these skills that matter to your business career:

Time Management

Online MBA students, many of whom are working professionals, must complete multiple assignments and keep up with the demands of rigorous coursework—all while staying on top of their careers and fulfilling personal obligations. Indeed, there is no substitute for a well-managed and well-planned day (or night)!

Critical Thinking

It is one thing to fully grasp theories, applications, principles, and concepts in your MBA classes. Overcoming the academic challenges as well as actual work hurdles is another! Online MBA students need to develop critical thinking abilities to find innovative solutions to problems.


In an online MBA program, students may must contribute to group projects. Being able to lead or work with a team is an indispensable skill that cultivates clear and effective communication. Collaboration is essential in professional working environments, and an MBA student or graduate is expected to be ready for it!


To online MBA students, it takes a lot to balance school, work , and personal life. Being versatile and having the ability to adapt to the demands of being a student and a professional must be second nature to them!

Top Jobs with an Online MBA

Program Manager

Program managers oversee various departments and business units. For example, they may oversee and coordinate projects designed to ensure quality outcomes, peak performance and goal achievement. They may establish programs to increase employment suitable fit, diversity training quality or return on investment performance. They may monitor work quality by reviewing reports and providing feedback on how to improve results and processes. Program managers usually represent their organization with the business community, governmental representatives and industry groups. They participate in management teams and provide program progress to executives. They are leaders who plan and implement key decisions that support goals, progress and the work environment. They provide oversight and advice to staff and supervisors as needed.

Strategic Planner

One of the less common top jobs with an online MBA is a strategic planner. These professionals manage business development activities across states and regions. Their projects may include research, analysis, modeling and recommendations. They may study industry trends, competitive threats, expansion opportunities, business performance and operational improvement. They work closely with leaders to formulate long-term strategies, identify and evaluate business development opportunities and prepare reports that include financial models and market analysis. They develop presentations and present their analysis and conclusions to senior management. Strategic planners will need direct experience related to management, consulting, research and business operations. Employers will expect them to have excellent strategic, financial and relationship skills.

Mergers & Acquisitions Manager

M&A managers study potential industry offerings that may be suitable for partnerships or acquisitions. They oversee the delivery of deal executions through contract agreements, legal channels and negotiations. They make suggestions on possible partnerships with industry leaders and foster new relationships with suitable parties. They evaluate potential opportunities and perform necessary risk management assessments. They assure that the merger or acquisition smoothly takes place by ensuring that all proper protocols take place, all deadlines are met and that all parties are satisfied. They are a key player in invigorating and reinforcing company policy and services to promote appropriate and timely decisions. M&A managers will need strong familiarity with business projects and development.

Operations Manager

Operations managers work in various industries. For instance, an operation manager who works in a health care organization may work with office, clinical and administrative personnel to ensure effective and efficient operations and support goal achievement. Their duties may involve day to day management of clinical and administrative staff, so they must ensure adequate staffing levels, maintain standard operating procedures and develop training platforms for new hires or transfers. They usually run quality or improvement programs to ensure consistency and operational efficiency. They create and implement risk, contingency, succession, cross-training and cross-coverage planning matrices. They evaluate operational needs of assigned areas in order to make recommendations for improvement.

HR Manager

HR managers have multiple legal, employee and performance management duties. They are the ones who ensure that the company focuses on proper strategic objectives related to safety, legal compliance and employee services and engagement. They work with supervisors to monitor key performance elements through HR reports and operational dashboards. They support the delivery of the highest quality and most efficient employee training and development initiatives. They ensure compliance with state and federal policies and regulatory guidelines. HR managers will need past experience managing teams of people, achieving goals and outcomes and evaluating organizational and employee performance.

All of the top jobs with an online MBA will most likely require a talent for leading, good documentation skills and excellent coaching skills. Job candidates will also need a high level of professionalism in actions, words and appearance.