5 MPA Scholarships


Key Takeaways:

  • Various scholarships are available for Master of Public Administration (MPA) students to support their educational pursuits.
  • Scholarships cater to diverse MPA specializations like public policy, healthcare administration, urban planning, and nonprofit management.
  • These scholarships offer financial assistance to MPA students, easing the burden of tuition fees and educational expenses.

Earning your Master of Public Administration, also known as an MPA degree, is much easier when you take advantage of some of the best MPA scholarships out there. These scholarships come from nonprofit organizations, private companies and a host of other groups that want to help students pay for their graduate expenses without facing a lot of student loans later. You can even use these scholarships in combination with assistant programs and financial aid options available through your grad school.

Reviewing Top MPA Scholarships Available

Public Employee Retirement Research and Administration Scholarship

The Public Employee Retirement Research and Administration Scholarship is a good option for any graduate student with an interest in public administration or public policy. It is open to both full-time and part-time students and does not require that you attend a specific school. You must supply the scholarship board with your resume, a letter of recommendation, application and college transcript. The Government Finance Officers Association will award qualifying students up to $4,000 every year.

Featured Programs

Herbert Roback Scholarship

If you have a passion for public administration, you can apply for this scholarship, which is available through the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA). When you apply, you must show that you are currently enrolled in a graduate public administration program or that you will begin once of those programs in the coming year. It is also open to those studying political science and public affairs. Winners receive a $7,500 scholarship to cover their educational costs, but they will also receive an invitation to attend the annual conference put on by NAPA. When writing your scholarship essay, U.S. News & World Report recommends having someone else look over and edit your essay and tailoring the essay for the organization.

Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation

Harry S. Truman served the nation as President, and his charitable efforts and hard work live on through his own foundation. The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships to 60 qualifying students every year. Those students can apply for the program while still an undergrad, but they must agree to enter a graduate program within one year of winning and agree to study public policy or a similar subject. Winners must also sign a contract that shows they will work in the public arena for at least three years after finishing a graduate degree.

Beinecke Scholarship Program

The Beinecke Scholarship Program is fairly unique because it is a need-based scholarship. This means that you can only qualify for the program if you demonstrate that you cannot afford graduate school based on your income of your family’s income. It is open to those studying public administration as well as those majoring in any humanities field. The program gives $4,000 scholarships to around 20 students annually but also gives students an additional $30,000 to finish their graduate studies. More than 100 colleges in the United States work with this program.

George A. Nielsen Public Investor Scholarship

One of the top public administration scholarships is the George A. Neilsen Public Investor Scholarship, which is open to students interested in studying finance and how investments affect the general public. You must be a member of the Colorado Government Finance Officers Association to qualify for this scholarship, and you must show proof that you are already in a graduate program or will start one soon in public administration, public policy or a similar field.

Scholarships can help you cover all of your college expenses or a good portion of those expenses. As a graduate student already enrolled in an MPA program, or a student about to start one of those programs, you qualify for some of the top MPA scholarships.