5 Scholarships for Counseling Students

The decision of whether or not to pursue a counseling degree sometimes depends on the availability of scholarships for counselors. A counseling career is a rewarding and challenging choice, but paying for college to get such a degree can be daunting. Here are 5 scholarships for counseling careers. If you’re already looking for options for after you earn your counseling degree check out these phd in psychology online programs.

Leona Tyler Award for Lifetime Achievement in Counseling Psychology

This scholarship is designed to promote and reward meaningful research contributions and professional achievements related to counseling psychology. The Leona Tyler Award for Lifetime Achievement in Counseling Psychology is offered through the Society of Counseling Psychology, or APA’s Division 17. Students who want to apply must submit a nomination letter that explains the significance of their personal contributions and research achievements. Students may submit up to three nomination letters from licensed psychologists. Students must also include a copy of their resume. Application materials should be emailed to the SCP Awards and Recognition Committee.


Featured Programs

Lizette Peterson-Homer Injury Prevention Grant

This scholarship supports counseling research related to injury prevention efforts for children and adolescents. The Lizette Peterson Homer Memorial Injury Research Grant is designed for pediatric psychologists who focus on preventing and minimizing injuries from accidents, abuse, violence and suicide attempts. This $5,000 scholarship is for students who continue the behavioral and psychological research of the Lizette Peterson-Homer. She was a prominent pediatric psychologist and researcher who make significant contributions to improving the health and development of children facing serious threats. This scholarship is jointly sponsored by the American Psychological Foundation and APA’s Division 54. Those who want to apply must submit a list of references, a resume and a research proposal with budget.

The Grant in Aid for Students MacArthur Award

Some counseling psychologists only work with delinquent youth or adults. The MacArthur Foundation, which consistently provides funding for psychology research projects, offers this scholarship as a source of extra funding for juvenile and adult criminology research. This scholarship is awarded through the AP-LS Student Grants-in-Aid (GIA) Committee. When it comes to eligibility, recipients must be members of the AP-LS. They must submit detailed research proposals that clearly specify and justify requested budget items. The maximum award amount is $2,000, but rejected proposals may still qualify for up to $750. Exceptional requests may qualify for additional funding awards through subcommittee review.

Best Intervention Competition

The Best Intervention Competition’s purpose is to recognize excellent intervention assessments with organizational partners. Counseling students who focus on industrial-organizational psychology and students who want jobs as HR career professionals may work with companies to research how to prevent work related injuries and illnesses while promoting employee health and safety. These counseling students will focus on addressing contemporary workplace problems like stress, conflict and communication. Students may conduct research on work policies, practices and programs that prevent stress and promote well-being in employees. Students must submit a research paper that describes the scientific based intervention.

Distinguished Contributions to Teaching and Mentoring

This annual Division 29 award is for psychotherapists and career psychologists who make a significant impact on the development of their students. The Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching and Mentoring delivers a $500 scholarship and an award plaque. Applicants must be members of Division 29 and make significant contributions through training and educating psychotherapy students. Applicants may submit solid evidence on behalf of another teacher or professor who notably helps their psychotherapy students grow and learn. The application must include a nomination letter, a current resume, any academic goals and an explanation of the mentoring relationship.

Counseling and psychotherapy are important fields that contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and communities. Counseling students can use the American Psychological Association’s website to search for counseling scholarships by topic, sponsor, type and recipient.