5 Pinterest Accounts for Teachers

Pinterest for teachers

Key Takeaways:

  • These accounts often curate educational resources, lesson plans, classroom management tips, teaching strategies, and printable materials.
  • They can be valuable resources for educators looking for fresh ideas and inspiration for their classrooms.
  • Search for terms like “teacher resources,” “lesson plans,” or “classroom ideas” on Pinterest, and you’ll likely find many accounts catering to teachers’ needs.

The beauty of Pinterest boards is that you get filtered, curated content all in one place. This is fantastic for teachers who want to get ideas and inspiration for their classrooms. You won’t have to filter the content that you see when you follow quality content from inspirational educators. All their boards are full of inspirational, informative boards and pins brought from around the web to one central location. These great Pinterest accounts for teachers give invaluable information to help in the classroom.

Everything Elementary

Laura Candler has teaching resources for educators in the elementary age group. There are lessons meant to inspire teachers and her board called Everything Elementary has ideas like Island Conquer the Perimeter game and how to get parent volunteers into the classroom. She has tech pins that encourage teachers to become involved in things like Google Drive with their students. She has over 175,000 followers and 8,700 pins.

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One Extra Degree

Whether it’s on her blog or her Pinterest boards, Amanda Nickerson has so many resources for teachers. She has dedicated boards for classroom ideas, a peek into her own classroom and classroom management. With over 60,000 followers, she’s bound to have some resources that will help in your own classroom. For students looking to become teachers, it’ll give you a peek into the kind of classroom experience you want to build for your own students.

No Time for Flash Cards

This is another website that has a fantastic Pinterest board for teachers to follow. It features early education as well as creative play that is sectioned off by age from infants to elementary school children as well as a section for teachers. There’s an entire section on free resources that teachers can browse. Allison has over 550,000 followers on Pinterest for good reason.

Education to the Core

If you want to follow a popular Pinterest board that features tips on preventing teacher burnout as well as providing tips and resources for primary educators, this is a great account to follow. There’s over 50,000 teachers and parents following Emily on her Pinterest account. There are pins for grammar, literacy, science, vocabulary and math activities in a variety of boards. In total, there are over 49,000 pins that will provide you with all the resources and activities you could ever need for your own classroom.

The First Grade Parade

Aside from No Time for Flash Cards, this is one of the most popular Pinterest accounts on this list. Cara Carroll has over 286,000 followers on her account with boards like Kid Fun, Teacher Organization, Behavior Management and Classroom Design for beginning teachers to organize their classroom and lesson plans. There are plenty of activities for the first grader like word work, reading, science and social studies. There are a total of 15,000 pins across all the boards on her account, so you’ll be able to choose the boards that will work for your needs quite easily. There’ll be plenty of resources and information.

Many of these boards are curated by Pinterest accounts for teachers who are part of Teachers Pay Teachers, which is a way for teachers to share knowledge with each other. There are plenty of free resources available on each teacher’s Pinterest account to provide others with serious knowledge and support for their educational goals.